12 year old students tackle amendment one (video)

Just to share this 4 1/2 minute video following middle schoolers from Carolina Friends School sharing their views about amendment one.

From the intro of the video:

In a small school a little north and a little west of downtown Durham, N.C., a group of eleven-, twelve- and thirteen-year-olds has been busy organizing a field-trip.

Watch as a middle school's gay-straight alliance, GLOW, for Gay Lesbian or Whatever, embarks on an adventure in civic engagement with real consequences for many of the club's members.

"They don’t really see kids as having an idea of how they want their future to be like," said Sarah, a GLOW member, "but when we actually voice our opinion it really does make a difference."

GLOW from Mimi Schiffman on Vimeo.

Same as it ever was - it's the youth of today that will set the course for tomorrow's.