12-year-old dies from tooth abcess

From the Washington Post.

Welcome to the new dark ages, the beginning of the time after the Age of Oil and the Empire of the United States.

For can we really be a superpower when children die from tooth decay?

That's Deamonte Driver, 12, late of Prince George's County Maryland in the foreground with his mother behind him.

"I certainly hope the state agencies responsible for making sure these children have dental care take note so that Deamonte didn't die in vain," said Laurie Norris, a lawyer for the Baltimore-based Public Justice Center who tried to help the Driver family. "They know there is a problem, and they have not devoted adequate resources to solving it."

So do we, Laurie. So do we.

RIP Deamonte. Dude, I hope you get a better shot next time.


At the church I USE to go to

actually heard a woman say, "I don't know why African-Americans don't vote Republican, after all, Lincoln freed them....."

One shining moment in history does not make for trustworthiness!

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

Progressive Discussions

Add dental care,

along with mental health parity, to the requirements for Universal Health Care. I wonder how many children could have had their teeth cleaned, checked, and taken care of for the $250,000 that the (unsuccessful) medical care cost after the untreated infection went to Deamonte's brain.

No kidding

I've never understood why dental care isn't part of health care, though I suspect it's driven by big bidness. Shit, if you're going to have separate policies for teeth, why not have separate policies for toes and testicles and tonsils. Seem totally screwed up to me.