12 Month Moratorium on Landfills Adopted

Today, an NC House subcommittee adopted a 12 month moratorium on the building of new landfills.

A House committee Wednesday adopted a one-year moratorium on new landfills, scaling back a Senate version but still infuriating lobbyists for the solid waste industry.

The Senate had unanimously adopted an 18-month moratorium. Both bills halt the permitting process of some proposed projects and implement a study to determine the environmental implications of landfills on North Carolina.

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Environmentalists are happy and say the 12 month period should be enough to conduct studies to determine the environmental impact of the mega-landfills. Solid waste lobbyists aren't happy and I'm sure that there are more than a few county governments that will be crunching some numbers as well.

The House measure, which would start the moratorium Aug. 1, passed through a rules committee over some objections. One was Rep. Bill Owens, a Democrat from Camden County, where the largest proposed landfill would be located.

"These people did everything they were supposed to do, and I'm afraid we're going to see some lawsuits," Owens said.

If you've been following discussions about this here at BlueNC, you'll remember Gregflynn bringing up Camden County and linking to two articles that outlined how Camden County was already planning on using revenues from the landfills to pay for school construction.

Camden County probably isn't the only county that could use the revenue. I don't know enough about the permitting process to make a judgment on whether the original process was adequate. I probably wouldn't be too popular in Camden County. I'd have preferred a much longer moratorium.

For Anglico's much better analysis of the situation after the Senate passed the 18 month moratorium go here.


Camden County

should use this opportunity to renegotiate the deal. Because the fact is, there will be more landfills in North Carolina. It's just a question of how many, how big and when.