11th District Republican Party Asunder

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It's been a torturous time for North Carolina's 11th District Republicans since disgraced former Congressman Charles Taylor's ignominious defeat in 2006. Wacky Chad Nesbitt tried to take over the Buncombe Party, forcing the end of a libertarian coup. The Henderson County webmaster resigned very publicly. A chorus of voices rose up to criticize The Lump for playing coy over whether he would run again for the Congressional seat. Taylor himself, safely bunkered at his Transylvania compound, was silent as the grave for over a year. Strong potential candidates like Jeff Hunt and Tom Apodaca withdrew their names from consideration in part because of Taylor's intransigence.

Today there are three candidates in the running for the Republican nomination: An intellectual libertarian, a rigid ideologue, and a squishy Party man. The head of the redundantly named Henderson County Republican Men's Club wants to see more of the Party apparatus get involved in putting the candidates out before the public in the same way they did in late November.

The GOP's district Chair, Stephen Duncan, isn't too interested in making that sort of thing happen,

"There are individuals who feel there are different ways of doing things," Duncan said.

He said Stanley is doing good work in Henderson County, a Republican stronghold, but he said some of the methods might not work in other counties in the district.

"They are all marching forward in ways that they think can help the district," Duncan said."

Get that? The GOP District Chair says that "methods" like public debates "might not work in other counties". Which counties might those be? It looks to me as though the District Chair is having no success in coordinating his county chairs, even so far as to help their Republican candidates raise name recognition. With the 2008 11th District Republican Party Convention approaching, I'm looking forward to seeing the Republican infighting become even more public.

Looks like Shuler will be coasting to re-election.



Good to see people getting their priorities straight. In a way.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.

Good Lord

That's quite a graphic for a highly caffeinated person to be greeted with.

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Thomas Jefferson said you always get the rulers you deserve.

I know, right?

That's what happens when people stand in line out in the rain all night just to be told by the Best Buy clerk, "I'm sorry, we just sold our last four Wii's to someone who said he was going to donate them to an orphanage, but we should be getting some more in soon. Check back in January."

It's certainly apt

The graphic is an apt look at the internal state of the 11th district GOP. They've come apart at the seams since Taylor's loss. It's simultaneously intriguing and grotesque.

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This is exactly what happens

This is exactly what happens when you have a bunch of old men sit around in a circle and, if I may say so bluntly, have an old fashioned circle jerk rather than actually do anything worth considering politics. In my honest opinion, the political arena is positively infested with these men who do very little but sit on their rears and monopolize government positions, if only because they have the money to do so.

We need some new blood, both in the 11th and the 10th (my) District of NC. I'm of the opinion at this point that if we're able to kick out some of the cobwebs out of the system, I don't care who gets elected. I'd rather see a fair election process than put up with this any longer.

And the people all said...


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