110618: Day of Reckoning

You can feel the pace picking up even though we're just now entering the summer doldrums. I'm getting several fundraising calls every day, along with many invitations to attend campaign events. (For the record, I'm giving something to every Democrat who asks.) My better half, Jane, is doing her part too. She's working with the Orange County Democratic Party to support county-to-county efforts and register new voters.

Everyone involved understands what's at stake, but right now, there are way too many "un-involved" people, people who are clueless, uninterested, or both. We have to redouble and re-triple our efforts to engage them, make sure they're voting Democratic, and get them to the polls. Keep the message simple: Democrats stand for education, healthcare, freedom, and fairness for everyone.

I know you've been asked to do a lot. And I also know that each of us has our own approach and limitations as the election approaches. But whatever your personal approach is, I'm here to ask you to stretch. It really is now or never, and if we don't get this done in November, we could be in for a new metaphorical ice age. Do you really want Dallas Woodhouse to be the designated poster child for North Carolina's values?

We're coming up on a day of reckoning this November. And we have to keep in mind who we're fighting.

Republicans running the show in Raleigh these days are assholes, pure and simple. Phil Berger, Tim Moore and their rabid minions see North Carolina as their personal playground, and they don't give a damn how much they f/ck up this state as long as they stay in charge. The truth is, the only thing they understand is power. It's up to us to knock them down a few pegs.



Pro-tip: Bumper stickers

There are lots of things you can do. Give to candidates and campaigns if you can, even if it's only a dollar. Spread the news Facebook that you're supporting candidates. Talk them up.

But for this week, get a Democratic bumper sticker and put it on your car or bicycle.

When I ask people to put bumper stickers on their cars, most decline. It's like their cars are too precious ... or that they're worried about how they'll look.

It's time to get past that. Crazy people on the right plaster their cars with bumper stickers. We need to do the same. Not saying you need to go this far, but one or two? Do it this week.

When I talked about "exposure"

in the recent class I gave on online advocacy, I tried to stress the importance of knowing what to fear, and what not to fear.

In this day and age of school shootings and proud racists, it's more important than ever to make your feelings known. We can't fight these things through silence, and without a public pushback, that safe little bubble will keep shrinking until it's no longer safe at all.

We do not live in normal times, and this creeping Fascism will not fix itself. We have to fix it. We have to continually show people a better way to live.