11 Days: Dole's history on taxes doesn't match her rhetoric

DAY 11

Elizabeth Dole would have North Carolinians believe she is fiscally conservative and against raising taxes. But a closer look at her record beginning during her time in President Reagan’s Cabinet shows that her history on taxes doesn’t match her rhetoric. Not only has she supported raising taxes, she has made life more difficult for middle class families by voting against extending middle class tax breaks. Tax breaks to Big Oil and Gas, hedge fund managers and corporations that ship jobs overseas? Check, check, check. Dole was happy to give her special interest friends tax breaks, but she left hardworking North Carolina families with higher federal taxes since she took office.


1982: “As A Member Of The President’s Cabinet, Dole Supported” Reagan’s Tax Increases. According to the Raleigh News and Observer, when Dole attacked Erskine Bowles for supporting Bill Clinton’s 1993 tax increase, “The Bowles campaign quickly retorted that Ronald Reagan’s own deficit-busting bill of 1982 was bigger, raising taxes by roughly $286 billion. As a member of the president’s Cabinet, Dole supported it.” Figures for both tax increases were estimated in 1993 dollars. [Raleigh News & Observer, 10/1/02]

FactCheck.Org: Reagan’s 1982 Tax Increases Were Biggest Since 1968, Bigger Than Clinton’s 1993 Increases. FactCheck.org stated, “[A tax] study said…‘The single best measure for most purposes is probably the revenue effect as a percentage of GDP.’ That's Gross Domestic Product, the way we gauge the size of the economy…In the period since 1968, the study said, ‘The Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982 was the biggest increase.’ That was the tax increase signed by Ronald Reagan, rescinding some of the effects of his huge tax cut passed the year before. That 1982 tax increase only slightly exceeded Clinton's in inflation-adjusted dollars…but it was much bigger in relation to the size of the economy.” [FactCheck.org, updated 5/22/07]

1983: Dole Supported Increase In Gas Tax. The Associated Press reported that Dole supported the controversial increase in the federal gasoline tax by 5-cents-per-gallon that Congress passed about a month before she came into office as the Secretary of Transportation. She said that the tax would benefit truckers because the revenues would be used to improve highways and bridges. [Associated Press, 3/22/83]

1990: Dole Said The Economy Can “Bear Tax Increases.” United Press International reported on October 19, 1990 that Elizabeth Dole, the Labor Secretary under President George H.W. Bush at the time, said that the “economy is not in a recession and can bear tax increases to reduce the deficit.” [United Press International, 10/19/90]

Dole Said Bush’s Plan For Tax Increases Was “Stern Medicine.” At a GOP fundraiser on October 4, 1990, Dole said that President George H.W. Bush’s package of tax increases and spending cuts was “stern medicine,” but, according to the Boston Globe, she “steered clear of the T-word.” [Boston Globe, 10/5/90]


Per Capita, North Carolina Is Paying More In Federal Taxes Since Dole Took Office. In 2002, North Carolina was paying $5,317 per capita. In 2005, North Carolina was paying $6,084 per capita in federal taxes. [Tax Foundation, 10/19/07]

Since June, Dole Voted Against Middle Class Tax Cuts 3 Times. Dole voted against an array of tax breaks aimed at the middle class 3 times in the last 5 months. The tax breaks include extending the tuition deduction, extending the deduction for state and local sales tax, expands the child tax credit, extends the teacher expense deduction, extends the research and development tax credit, and patches the alternative minimum tax for one year. The tax cuts would be paid for by closing loopholes used by hedge fund managers and multinational corporations. [Vote 190, 7/29/08; Vote 147, 6/10/08; Vote 150, 6/17/08]

Dole Voted Against Extending $180 Billion In Middle-Class Tax Cuts. The Senate budget, which Dole voted against, authorized $180 billion to preserve tax cuts aimed at the middle class, including credits for married couples and families with children. [Vote 114, 3/23/07; Associated Press, 3/22/07]

Dole Voted Against Expanding Or Protecting Child Tax Credits At Least Twelve Times, Including Three Times Since June. Since 2003, Dole has voted against expanding the child tax credit at least twelve times. Since June of this year, Dole has voted against expanding the child tax credit three times. In March 2007, Dole voted against $180 billion in middle class tax cuts, including an expansion of the child tax credit. [Vote 190, 7/29/08; Vote 150, 6/17/08; Vote 147, 6/10/08; Vote 114, 3/23/07; Associated Press, 3/22/07; Vote 346, 11/17/05; Congressional Record, 11/17/05; Vote 266, 7/9/03; CQ Daily Monitor, 7/9/03; Vote 162, 5/15/03; Advocate, 5/16/03; Vote 151, 5/15/03; Vote 168, 5/15/03; Star Tribune, 5/16/03; Vote 166, 5/15/03; Congressional Record, 5/15/03; Vote 153, 5/15/03; Congressional Record, 5/15/03; Vote 106, 3/26/03; Washington Post, 3/27/03]

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