Some are saying 80 to 100k. Others say 20,000. I say "enough to change the world."

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100,000 reasons

Whiners and losers? We'll see about that.

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I've said it before

and I'll say it again...

I'd still like to see a plan...

...to harness all the energy of those people and turn it into political action.

Everyone wanted a change - but no one really had a plan to turn the desire for change into real change in Raleigh.

Just "voting" for the "change" won't help. It didn't help when we voted for "hope and change" under Barack Obama - we got more of the same. Obama hasn't prosecuted one single Wall Street bankster. He campaigned against health insurance mandates - and look at what we are stuck with now!

But the old Democratic Party that was a rubber stamp for business interests wasn't working out well. Even after 4 years of relative transparency and sunshine under Jerry Meek was Chair, the professional political operatives still running things at the Legislature only let a few things go through every year or so. Because the big transactional donors who really ran things by the strings attached to their money didn't want more change.

Enough change had not occurred. And after 2010 & 2012, many of the skimpy gains got trashed.

The Wake County Progressive Democrats have taken part in HK on J. The HK on J agenda is our agenda. We have always wanted to grow our party with other people who feel the same way we do and take our party back from the so-called "business progressive" Democrats who held back a more progressive agenda in our state.

We agree with Rev. Barber that there is a difference between progressive Republicans and the Republicans in power today. But we respectfully disagree with Rev. Barber that this is not about the difference between the two parties. There is a difference in political party platforms. The NCDP platform syncs up quite well with the HK on J agenda. The party delegates and many officers feel the same way.

What has been missing in recent years is the desire and the ability to turn our party platform into public policy. That is mostly because the folks who are (or want to become) professional political operatives know that the people with the money to make that happen for them won't give them money to make the real political change desired by the rank and file Democrats. That's what Jerry Meek ran against in 2003 and won with in 2005. That's what David Parker and Randy Voller ran as NCDP Party Chairs to change. The establishment Dems could appease us by throwing a few bones every now and then. But now they are out of power, there is nothing they can do to appease us. On our climb back into power, they are fighting progressive and other Dems who want real change because the people they want money from don't want that change.

That will take an attitude among voters and party officers & delegates that we need to take over our party so that we can elect progressive Democrats to a majority position so that they will have no choice other than to turn our party platform into public policy.

So we were out there talking to people and telling them that if they really wanted to make the changes sought in the HK on J agenda, they needed to study political party platforms and register in whatever platform spoke to them the most. Then get active in that party - get elected to party office, organize a precinct - whatever it took to have a voice and a vote in the party leadership. Work hard and get candidates elected who will do more than make BS promises to get your vote - make sure you elect candidates who will pledge to turn your party platform into public policy. Then stay active in the party and force them to honor their promises. Threaten them with being fired for non-performance if necessary.

Because candidates who say one thing to get elected and then do something else once they are elected are like employees of a business who promise the moon and stars to get hired, then act in a disrespectful and insubordinate manner once they are "hired" (elected).

Chris Telesca - President of the Wake County Progressive Democrats

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

One word response: 'Redistricting'

Chris, While your points are well taken, and you know I have pushed for party reform, nothing is going to change political institutions in North Carolina and other states or the US Congress until the abysmal results of gerrymandering are overcome.

The folks who are working on changing that include the ones heading up HKonJ and Moral March. I wonder how many typical NC voters truly comprehend how little their vote counts now, when they vote Democratic in a gerrymandered district, either Congressional or legislative.

My heroine of yesterday's event was the 94 year-old woman who is one of the plaintiff's in the lawsuit to restore rational and reasonable voting access in North Carolina. As Rob Christensen's column, "What happens when voters are no longer legislators' bosses" said:

Because of redistricting, Republican legislators know there is no chance that they will lose control of the legislature in November no matter what they say. They are probably safe in 2016 and perhaps beyond as well. That is also true for most individual lawmakers.

One way to look at it is the Republican legislature has essentially awarded itself political tenure. They have a better deal than most union. Most of them can’t be fired in the foreseeable future unless, in the immortal words of then Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards, they are caught in bed with “a dead girl or a live boy.”

So they can freely tell the boss – in this case the voters – just about anything they want, without any negative repercussions.

I know there are other factors involved in restoring power to the people, but protecting voting rights and restoring real elections to the people are the most significant ones. That now requires litigation and our prayers that the litigants' suits reach an unbiased court with unbiased judges.

Martha Brock