100 NC mayors to McCrory: We will not comply with your voter suppression schemes

WILMINGTON, NC - Taking their cue from secessionist proposals made by Republican members of the General Assembly last week, more than a hundred North Carolina mayors declared their cities will not comply with any GOP legislation that attempts to suppress voting.

In an open letter to Deputy Assistant Governor Pat McCrory, the mayors announced their intention to disregard any new restrictions:

"Too many bills coming out of Raleigh are designed to make it harder and less convenient for people to vote," said the letter. "If you don't veto those bills, be forewarned that we will consider your signature an unconstitutional act, and will absolutely refuse to comply with the new laws."

Asked about McCrory's initiatives to restrict voting, Democratic candidate for governor James Protzman said he stands squarely with North Carolina cities and towns. "McCrory's voter suppression plans, especially Voter ID, are unconstitutional at their core," said Protzman, "not unlike the recent Republican proposal to create a state religion. I hope every local government in North Carolina joins the hundred brave mayors in rejecting this Republican political power grab."