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    The "critical race theory" ban really irks me - it really is forcing schools to lie and suppress any kind of history about race and minorities in the country. It's particularly galling in light of the past and ongoing of violence against people of color in our state.

    Already, many progressives are using public "teach-ins" for issues around race, the environment, "fake news", and many other topics. If this bill passes, I'm hoping it will spark similar events here.

    It might actually get kids really interested in these topics - "Come see what it's illegal to tell you in school!" is a compelling tagline for teens to promote the events on social media.

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    In a conversation I had (over twenty years ago) about the billions in U.S. support for Israel, a friend of mine tried to justify that with the worn-out excuse, "It's one of the only democracies in the region!" My response:

    "It's not a democracy."

    He then followed the wrong thread, trying to explain to me the Knesset might be a parliamentary form of government, but it was still a democracy.

    "That's not what I'm talking about."

    I proceeded to explain to him the following: As long as Israel maintains their occupation and/or control over Gaza and the West Bank, those territories are actually part of the State of Israel. It's a defacto singular state, and the freedoms (or lack of) within that state determine whether or not it's actually a democracy. And by no measure does the current situation meet that criteria.

    Not only has Israel continually allowed "settlers" to take land from Palestinians in the West Bank, often through violent means, the State has built numerous partitions across the land to restrict movement. This has had the effect of seriously limiting trade, employment, and even access to water resources. The various "checkpoints" manned by IDF troops, which are arbitrarily opened or closed seemingly on a whim, rival and surpass even the harshest of Soviet-era satellites like East Germany and Bulgaria. That is not democracy.

    In Gaza, depositing your paycheck (if you're lucky enough to get one) in the bank is a risky business. While Israel now allows banks from other countries to operate there, they still control those businesses to a certain degree. That's the internal economy. The external economy simply doesn't exist. No trade, that isn't exclusively facilitated by Israeli companies under the watchful eye of the government. And then there's the drinking water.

    Israel controls all access to drinking water, in both Gaza and the West Bank, and is not hesitant to shut off that access to control the populations. This is the epitome of hydraulic despotism, a practice that has been used to define tyrannical governments for millennia. And yet, the Israeli government views that as a legitimate tool to "preserve the peace."

    Needless to say, that is not democracy, by any stretch of the imagination. Ergo, until this situation changes, Israel cannot be honestly referred to as a democracy. And our continued, unquestioning political and monetary support puts our own democratic principles into jeopardy by "normalizing" such behavior.

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    Must expel her.

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    Marjorie Taylor Greene is a stupid, immature brat that is nothing more than a loud mouthed traitor who worships Donald Trump and like so many, is dumb enough to believe anything he says. The people of her district are obviously just as stupid as she is.

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    NC's version of Laurel and Hardy in the photo. All they need now is "Baby Doc" Robinson in the picture and you can have the Three Stooges.