RedState poster "Kay Hagan (D-NC) touring a healthcare facility Wednesday"

Hey Triad? You better get out there and get Kay's back, since the wingnuts have her in their sights. Not to mention, you get an opportunity to ask her if the idiots have pissed her off enough for her to get excited about insisting on a public option. Remember Godless? These idiots are Careless! Let Kay know she needs to put them in their place!

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Tuesday, August 11th at 1:40PM EDT

It’s not a town hall, but it’s the closest we’ll probably get from Mrs. Hagan:

She will tour HealthServe Community Health Center in Greensboro, NC (1002 South Eugene Street) on Wednesday, August 12. She will hold a “media availability” at 12:30pm at the front entrance. I guess that’s a news conference….

I can’t make it on this short notice, but perhaps others in North Carolina can!!


If you can, be there for Kay.

Let her know we need her to come through for us and at the same time that we WILL NOT allow disruptive morans to harass her without comment and backlash.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Teabags will also be at Hagan's Raleigh office Friday

One of the teabag groups that organized the Brad Miller protest last Friday is announcing a simialr event at Senator Hagan's Raleigh office for this Friday at 345pm.

If you attend to counter-protest make sure you try to talk to the media - they love to get the counter view at a protest. Her office is located at:

310 New Bern Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27601

Or if you can't make it, call her Raleigh office this week and remind them that the people who put her in office are the people who want real health care reform: 919-856-4630.

Or you could ask her..

why she hasn't cosponsored S. 604.

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