Haywood County Volunteers for Schools

About 1000 volunteers showed up at 14 Haywood County Schools on Saturday as part of our "Save a Teacher" campaign.

Story in today's Mountaineer newspaper in Waynesville.

Organized by the Haywood County Schools Foundation and local churches, about 1000 volunteers worked this past Saturday at 14 county school campuses. We did mostly yard/landscaping work, some minor painting, and other "grunt" work to spruce the schools up for the start of classes in a couple of weeks.

I worked with others from First United Methodist Church in Waynesville at Central Elementary in Waynesville. We had about 75 from our church, ranging from middle and high school students to a 90-year old man who is still quite active.

For me, this is a wonderful example of the kind of "faith based initiatives" that the faith community should be involved in.


Bumper sticker seen today in Waynesville

I'm for separation of church and hate.


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