Senator Useless Burr (Partisan Hack - Lobbyistland) says Healthcare reform could "decimate N.C. economy"


Do you remember the fear and smear tactics of the Bush Administration and their loyal followers in Congress? Do you remember a useless U.S. Senator by the name of Richard Burr, who unfortunately lives in, but does not represent the people of North Carolina? Do you remember Senator Useless Burr voting in lockstep with the Bush Administrations policy of fear and smear? Can you somehow recall the final grade given to the Bush Administrations policy agenda by the American people?

Let's review shall we? President G.W. Bush was at the lowest percentage of approval in the history of public opinion polls EVER for a President. Vice President Dick Cheney had an approval level below even G.W. Bush. People were openly tortured by this administration. Lies and deception were the norm. Yet there was Senator Useless Burr, plodding through, day by day, all the time propping up the alleged criminals and certain miscreants that were lowering the level of discourse in our country daily while taking our economy down just as low to boot.

That same useless Senator just today opened his mouth and out of it came another partisan stream of words that Useless was no doubt told should be used as todays talking points of fear and smear as if the Bush Administration were still in office and his useless backside was still following deer dear leader down the path to destruction of all things inherently good and decent.

Today, out of the pie hole of Richard the Useless came these blighted words of, yes you guessed it, fear and smear:

Burr: Health overhaul could decimate N.C. economy

Republican Sen. Richard Burr says health care legislation being negotiated in the House and Senate has potential to "decimate" North Carolina's economy.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Burr said innovation dollars for North Carolina universities as well as pharmaceutical, biologics and medical device companies in the state could be threatened under the wrong health care bill.

Of course, Useless S. Grant Burr had no actual reasoning behind what would constitute the wrong kind of health care bill. Nor did he have any actual ideas of his own to put forward as an alternative to what he considers wrong about the incomplete bill that hasn't yet come to the floor of either house of Congress to be reviewed, let alone fearfully commented upon by a useless U.S. Senator that supposedly represents the people of North Carolina. It seems obvious that representation is given to the Republican Party and the corporate interests of insurance companies, pharmacutical companies and anyone other than the people of North Carolina.

Just Google his voting record. Useless for the people of the State of North Carolina and in turn the people of The United States of America. Quite useful for the lobbyists and corporate interests that have taken over the Republican party.

I would ask, "Have you no shame, Sir? Do you not realize citizens of North Carolina and America are going without healthcare and suffering because of that to the detriment of the simple idea of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness while you continue to do nothing positive about it? Is there nothing we can say to melt your icy exterior and allow you to actually stand up for the people instead of the corporate interests and the partisan ideals that obviously drive your decision making?"

I would ask, but I already know the answer.


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Too Worried About Medical Industry

This really gets me. Don't they understand that without Health Care Reform then more folks won't be able to buy the "pharmaceutical, biologics and medical device companies" products which means that they will sell less and earn less?! They are afraid of Health Care Reform and have lobbied/paid for their mouthpieces to stop it because they will have to start playing fair.

Our current Health Care System is way too corrupt in many ways and they are afraid of regulation. These corporations need to remember that without consumers purchasing their products then they will quickly go out of business. Politicians, like Burr and Foxx and all the other Republicans and "Blue Dogs" that are speaking out with lies and fear mongering tactics need to remember that they were not elected for a life term, we will remember what they have done and said and vote them out of office.

It seems they have a sheen of an understanding

yet they continue to hope beyond hope that the rhetoric of the past will continue to rouse the ignorant and unknowing constituants that will vote against their own personal interests because they are followers and not given to thinking for themselves, even when it makes a difference to their family and themselves.

It is a sick culture the Republicans have built their house upon. Taking advantage of the people for personal profit beyond what they could ever spend in a lifetime is sick, it is selfish and so are they. Sick and selfish. Richard Burr is useless, sick and selfish. Hey, Momma? Make a run on the bank! I have inside information! That is what his sorry ass should forever be remembered for.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

It's a stunningly simple equation

I never understood how any greedy business couldn't play the chessboard out another move. If you take all the money/power for yourself, there's no one to sell your widgets to. You go down in the end.


Health insurance soaks up so much of our household income and yet produces no tangible product. If that money could instead be used to buy tangible products that people and companies make, it would put many back to work. Burr is the one that is afraid. Afraid of the truth.

Small Business

I think the proposals out there threaten small businesses. Whether packaged as mandatory provision of coverage or an additional payroll tax, it increases the cost of doing business to those businesses who can least afford it.

Of course, it is not really a tax on businesses anyway since ALL costs are passed on to the employee and consumer (or taxpayer if you are in a fortunate class of businesses "too big to fail"). Keeping health insurance tied to place of emplyoment or employment status also doesn't fix one of the biggest problems with our system- portability.

I really wish Washington politicians would just give up the big lie of businesses being taxed at all and admit whenever they force companies to pay more taxes or provide more benefits it is just a hidden tax that gets passed on to employees and consumers. Of course, most Americans are so clueless that they get all excited when their saviors in D.C. save them from higher taxes by making those dastardly corporations pay them instead.

I went to Chik-fil-a this morning and my "usual" cost me about $.30 more. It was not a big deal, but it was a clear example of how the individual consumer bears the cost. In this case, it was the increase in the minimum wage. Chik-fil-a did not pay for the increase in wages- their customers did.

My employees already get good health insurance, but the cost is insane for our small group. Pretty much any kind of reform will help our situation. That said, if the reformers want to be honest to the citizens, they should abolish employer-provided healthcare coverage and tie it to the person, not the job. Not only will it solve the portability issue, it will make the costs of healtcare coverage much more transparent.

I moved to NC in January.

Today I received a mailer from Burr telling me to go to his new web site to keep new voters informed of the issues.

What a tool.