Meanwhile, back in North Carolina

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Rhetoric on the role of corporate money in legislative races heated up again yesterday, when Stephen LaRoque, toppled in May with the help of Art Pope's corporate largesse, had some tough words for the Puppetmaster.

"We will address those lies and half truths," said LaRoque. "We will expose Willie Ray Starling for being the puppet of Art Pope that he is."

Starling argues Pope doesn't control him. He said voters just saw him as the true Christian conservative.

"I don't profess to be one," said Starling. "I am one."

LaRoque has now stepped up his criticism of Pope and the power of money. He compared Pope's contributions to be on par with the actions of former lawmaker Michael Decker, who last week pleaded guilty to a federal conspiracy. Decker admitted taking $50,000 to switch parties and help Black remain in power. Pope has used his family money to support certain Republicans.

"I think in many ways it's worse, because he's in there buying seats," said LaRoque. "He's trying to get a majority of legislative seats."

Pope called the accusation "defamatory" and an insult to him and voters. He said he and his company follow all campaign finance laws.

"It is Stephen LaRoque who is a supporter of the corrupt Jim Black," said Pope. "I've not done anything wrong. There's no basis for those charges."

Pope called LaRoque's comments an insult? Duh.


LaRoque hearts Anglico

He's been reading you Anglico and approves of at least one little portion of your message. Willy Ray Starling is an Art Pope puppet.

Van Braxton is going to be someone ya'll get to meet in a few days or so. I want to post his interview when he can be here to answer questions. Let's hope Starling and LaRoque attack each other so much that it helps Braxton win this seat.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Exactly...and I haven't checked their

coffers yet, but should probably do so with the SBOE later today. A second primary...hmmm...I wonder if that will allow them to accept more in contributions if someone has already given the max. I'llt ry to get the answer from SBOE today if I get a chance.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I would doubt it

the limits are usually per candidate per year, right?

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


Per election, meaning primaries, second primaries, and general elections are all considered separate entities. You can give (and receive) the max for each cycle.

My lte was published in the Pilot Newspaper!

go here and take a gander. While you are there, check out the editorials, two in particular: The always positive and uplifting writings of John Hood "Legislature Leaves Unfinished Business" And another Republican who likes to hand feed his readers bs, Scott Moneyham "Black Does Dirty Work; Dems are 'Shocked' You will enjoy their articles, maybe be inspired to write your own lte to:

Awesome, Mom-O!

You are fighting the good fight.


PS Moooooooneyham is an idiot water-carrier and favorite son of the Puppetmaster. I can't even bring myself to read his crap anymore.