The "So What Does It All Mean?" Open Thread

Did blogs do it in CT? I'll quote Kevin Drum quoting Publius to kick things off:

If Ned Lamont beats Joe Lieberman in Tuesday's Connecticut primary, will it mean that blogs have truly broken into the big time? Publius comments:

My thoughts — if Joe goes down this week, I don’t think that blogs will have had all that much to do with it....But, because people like [Marshall] Wittman, TNR, and even the Lieberman campaign have harped on about those crazy bloggers throughout the campaign, they are inflating the power of blogs in people’s minds. And as a result, a Lamont victory will create a perception that blogs are far more important than they are (particularly among party insider types who do keep up with blogs).


Lieberman is a vampire

sucking the blood (money) out of the Democratic party.

As I posted over on the Conn election thread:

Ever get the feeling this is all about Joe? He doesn't give a crap about his party. He is gonna run as an indy, and now we get to see 3 more months of coverage of this one race. 3 more months of netroots $$ flowing to Connecticut to Lamont instead of to great candidates all across the country, including our own Larry Kissell, Heath Shuler, and Brad Miller.

Joe is gonna stand in the way of the Democratic tidal wave - damn him.


Ever get the feeling this is all about Joe?

Absolutely.  And that, more than anything else, is why I'm glad he lost.

Don't sweat the money--we'll just have to redouble our efforts.  I was going to have garage sale anyway once the weather cools off.


The bloggers didn't do it

The people of Connecticut did it. They had house parties and fundraisers and meetups. They had thousands on the ground. They kept their cool and didn't let the tactics used by the Lieberman camp discourage them. The bloggers helped spread the message and helped build the movement outside CT, but they didn't win the race. They may have provided that last critical element, though to put him over the top.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Well said, Southern Dem

The bit about party insiders keeping up with blogs pretty much cracks me up. Most of the "party insiders" I know (meaning the old timers in my mind--is that who he meant?) could give two shits about blogs or anything associated with them.


i dunno... all this is great for connecticut, but how is that going to help get the exhaust system fixed in my car here @ home, ya know?

OK, this is a cut & paste, and a little long

you can delete it if you must....but it is so well written and so hopeful, I wanted to share it with you. It comes from SandyH who posted this at the DNC KickingAss blog:

There is a populist movement building. We may not win as much as we want in the fall, but the train has left the station.

And the fact that it happened because of the work of a grassroots groundswell instead of being pushed by a charismatic leader means that it's only going to grow stronger in the coming years.

There is a yearning in this country for something better.

What are we as a nation, if we do not hold these truths to be self-evident? That we…

…deserve a government that isn't run by graft and bribes. We want our public servants not to lie to us, spy on us, or torture anybody. We want a nation where we go to war only with those that attack us.

We want a country where our national ports are not sold off to foreigners. We deserve a nation where our water and air are clean. We want a country where the economy creates jobs not monopolies. We must be a nation that builds new industries not exploits illegal labor.

We want a country where the rich and powerful respect the working poor and middle class. We want a government that doesn't break the law but respects the Bill of Rights and separation of powers.

We want everyone to have a chance to vote and that every vote is counted. And we want everyone to have the right to make their own medical decisions without government interference. We deserve a government that protects us at work, at play, and at times of national emergencies.

We want everyone to have an equal opportunity to better themselves through hard work and a level playing field. We want all people to be able to love whom they choose and worship in their own way.

We want this and so much more for our children and grandchildren. It's nothing less than what our founding fathers wanted for us. We have the responsibility to make sure the American Dream lives.

A few thousand brave souls in Connecticut took the first step tonight to get the nation back on track. Bless you for showing us the way. You give us so much hope.

The train has left the station, and it is powered by an alternative fuel that those who would try to stop us don't even know exists

Thanks for fixing this for me....whoever you are!

Dems are not so divided afterall...

There are about 2.4 million Registered Voters in CT and only 240K voted last night - Call it a 10% turnout of the electorate. Some primary when only 10% of eligible voters participate.

I call that weak …Figures show Lamont spent 4 million and Joe spent 7 so that is $45 a vote. What a terrific waste of money.

Oh yes I almost forget - How stupid is it to have a primary where the largest segment of Voters can't participate. As is the case nationally - There are more Independents in CT then Dems. Both parties have a 30% base with the Independents at 40% of the electorate playing the middle.

I t is all about the independents and has been for years…

Dividing Democrats and moving away from the Independents to the Left is a recipe for losing elections. We are blowing it here folks….

Joe wins as an Independent because that’s where his base is and they were not allowed to vote last night. He said he would be running in the Fall so they simply sat out last night and will vote when it counts in November – Joe wins easily with the Independent voters casting ballots.

If last night's close race meant anything it meant the Dems are not so divided as I feared and there is a chance the party will not move too far to the left and lose the Independents – I am encouraged.

I wish the followers would lead... With a voice so strong in would knock me to my knees...



However, opposition to the war is no longer a fringe position.  Other than the fact that he is (or was) a cable TV exec, and everybody hates cable TV, just how far out of  the "mainstream" is Lamont, really?  It's not as if Abbie Hoffman just won the CT primary. 

That's odd.

everyone else is saying it was 50% turnout for the Dem primary?

I don't think Indys should be able to vote for a party primary. I was registered without party affiliation for many years and you just grin and bear it.

p.s. you are wrong, wrong, wrong about moving to the left hurting the Democratic party - the whole country has moved so far to the right that we are just pushing back to the middle.

Joe loses, check the latest polls.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Citizen Blue....I don't understand

why you continue to support Joe Lierman. I got a letter from Ken Mehlman, the chair of the RNC this morning, they're lamenting his defeat. Doesn't that say anything to you? Or the fact that a group of "young republicans" were campaigning for him.

Joe has not been a democrat for a long time.