It really IS OK if you're a Republican. Former NC Congressman supported after convicted of corruption charges.

It never fails to amaze me how much crazy it takes to continues to float the boat of the Republican Party. These days, it takes a lot. Never fear, though. It's out there and it is growing.

Bill Clinton blowjob. IMPEACH.
Elliot Spitzer hooker. Resign.
Don Siegelman BS charges by Karl Rove's hand picked US Attorney. Jail.

Mark Sanford leave children home on Fathers Day to visit lover in Argentina. IOKIYAR
John Ensign pay a total of $117,000. to best friends family to keep them quiet over ongoing affair with best friends wife. IOKIYAR.
Frank Ballance go to jail on federal corruption charges. IOKIYAR

No. Really.

Supporters of former U.S. Congressman Frank Ballance held a rally honoring him in Northampton County Saturday, less than a month after he finished a prison term for federal corruption charges.

Supporters of the former Democratic lawmaker from Warrenton have held the rally annually since 2005, when he began serving a 4-year sentence for using a nonprofit to divert taxpayer money to his family. The first rally raised money to help pay his legal bills.

Prosecutors said Ballance funneled $2.3 million from the Hyman Foundation –

My bolding

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How can this be a situation where IOKIYAR when he was a Democrat?

"Keep the Faith"

It was supposed to be humorous

Since I have to explain, I guess I didn't write it correctly. I thought by bolding the Democratic part of the story it would be obvious. Back to the joke writing board...


North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Funny is hard

After getting misunderestimated so many times in my own attempts at humor, I've pretty much steered clear.

Unless I'm making fun of myself.