The Family Values Party strikes Again! With...

BONUS RedState commentary!

What the morans across the aisle are saying about Mark Sanford isn't exactly making sense for a group that insists on family values being enforced in your home, your bedroom, whenever a pregnant woman feels she has the right to make a choice of going through with the pregnancy or not, and in general as a group that just wants to make themselves out to be holier than thou.

Gay people getting married is KILLING hetro marriage! No, really! I saw it on FauxNewz and read it at RedState so it MUST be true! Right?

Then again, perhaps what is killing hetro marriage is hetrosexuals that have affairs and stuff. Maybe it's the fact that some hetro marriages just grow apart. Maybe this incident with Mark Sanford has much less to do with who he's sleeping with but more to do with his incredible lack of judgement. Let's have a look.

We all know by now that the reason Mark Sanford disappeared for five days without any knowledge as to why or where he was located was because he was having an affair with a woman in Argentina that he met via e-mail exchange some five years ago.

We also know that the hypocrisy of the Family Values Party knows absolutely no bounds.

Be prepared to laugh. Or cry.

The braintrust at RedHate has come up with some incredible ignorance that will leave you laughing hysterically or crying hysterically depending on your ability to dismiss the fact that you may live next door to some of these knuckle draggers. While a number of the comments were less insane, the real hypocrits weighed in on their lack of family values for real regarding this incident more often than not.

Infidelity? No problem unless it's Bill Clinton!

From the comments at RedState:

Gov. Sanford has plenty of time to fix this

sickofitall Wednesday, June 24th at 3:04PM EDT (link)

If he can attain forgiveness from his family and his Savior and from the populace of SC there's no reason why he can't run in 2012. After all were he to win the nomination he'd be going up against a guy who has made tons of money by proudly describing his teenage cocaine abuse. He just needs to handle this in the right way- humbly and honestly- those are two characteristics that no Democrat can bring to the table.


jfpurdue01 Wednesday, June 24th at 3:07PM EDT (link)

I am very disappointed. Perhaps this is why he has continued to refute anyone who suggests he might run for President. I would still vote for him if there was no other fiscal conservative that I thought would stay true to those principles.

My two cents.

Chemical Sam Wednesday, June 24th at 3:16PM EDT (link)

I'll point out one major difference between Sanford's affair and others, and then quit.

He's being compared to the likes of McGreevy, and Spitzer, already. Haven't heard a peep about a comparison with Bill Clinton, yet, oddly enough. After all, Clinton has his pants around his knees in Little Rock as soon as his other hand was down from swearing in.

What makes Sanford's extramarital affair so much less egregious than those of the Democratic counterparts I mention above is that he didn't abuse the power of his office.

I don't know where Senator Ensign's potential abuse of power may lay, so I can't really side him up. But I do see the difference between what happened here, and what's happened elsewhere. Where this sort of thing is half-expected, it's often fully realized.

The only people that should have a beef with Mark Sanford are his wife, family, and friends. We have nothing to do but learn from his mistake, and ensure that the Democratic Party doesn't make a wholesale mockery of the man for their own political gain. Hands up anyone who doesn't believe they'll try to run the entire GOP to the ground for this, like a bunch of shameless hyenas.

Do I want him to resign? NO. I want Governor Sanford to keep throwing money back in the federal government's face. And then I want every other governor who hasn't followed that lead to start doing the same.

What these friggin' Einstein's continue to miss is the damned point, as usual. Not only did the man have an affair, but THE GOVERNOR of a STATE took off without telling anyone where he was going for five days, missing Fathers Day with his kids, and left the State of South Carolina without an official Executive Officer in charge. In order to have an affair.

This is called incompetence on such a grand scale that it should immediately disqualify you in peoples minds from ever being placed on the ballot for the position of Dog Catcher in the future. The affair is only a big deal because of the hypocrisy of the family values bull**it the Republican's keep spewing, as well as the fact that having an affair when you are in a postion of power, which obviously keeps you under a microscope in the public and journalists eyes, is once again really extremely bad judgement.

Damn! Are these people really that dumb!, or do is it they just can't say that they are/were wrong?

BONUS RedHate Comment: Their decent into delusion is complete.

They still don't get it.

Kowalski Wednesday, June 24th at 3:32PM EDT (link)

Professional politicians who have these kinds of liabilities just cannot be a part of the Republican Party.

The Democrat party will still welcome and forgive them, but it doesn't go, and will never go, for Republicans.

Mitt Romney is now my odds-on favorite for the next Republican nominee. That's probably disastrous because no Conservative wants him. I respect the people who don't, but I don't see any choices right now.

Besides, as Mark Sanford has proven today, it's all smoke and mirrors. It doesn't matter who the nominee is in Republican politics today. We could nominate Bozo the Clown posthumously and he'd be more electable than anyone we have right now.

Congratulations to Team Obama: they have successfully eliminated all their potential adversaries.

Looks like 8 years of Barack.

My emphasis above.

So, Team Obama has successfully eliminated all their potential adversaries, huh?

Yes. It's true. Team Obama not only has a way with Republican Senator's and Congressmen, but they have a crystal ball!

They made John Ensign have an affair with his staffers Wife which he put on the payroll by the way. Pay to play, so to speak.

They sent that e-mail from the lady in Argentina some five years ago to Mark Sanford to entice him into adultry and then bought him some tickets to Argentina just last week (which you have to admit was some really great forethought on their part, considering Obama wasn't even a US Senator five years ago) and they no doubt put a bee in Mark Foley's bonnet about how it would be OK to send promiscuous E-mails to underage male Pages in the US House back in 2006 so the Republicans could lose the mid-term elections to the Democrats.

Dude did get one thing right though.

Besides, as Mark Sanford has proven today, it's all smoke and mirrors. It doesn't matter who the nominee is in Republican politics today. We could nominate Bozo the Clown posthumously and he'd be more electable than anyone we have right now.

My only question is: Is Bozo the Clown the new neo-con code word for Ronald Reagan? The whole posthumously thing has me wondering....


Seriously, the hypocrisy is so thick you can cut it

with a knife, but it isn't the hypocrisy regarding sex that gets me since I'm used to that. It is the fact that they would sell their soul just to have just one person of questionable character in their Party that would get that black man out of their White House. They no longer care who or how or what failings that person might have.

If they ever did in any case.

Clinton Derangement Syndrome (CDS) was nothing! ODS is making these people crazier than outhouse rats!

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Sanford is a confessed criminal

It's a crime. Mark Sanford has confessed to a crime in South Carolina.

SECTION 16-15-60. Adultery or fornication.

Any man or woman who shall be guilty of the crime of adultery or fornication shall be liable to indictment and, on conviction, shall be severally punished by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars nor more than five hundred dollars or imprisonment for not less than six months nor more than one year or by both fine and imprisonment, at the discretion of the court.

SECTION 16-15-70. "Adultery" defined.

"Adultery" is the living together and carnal intercourse with each other or habitual carnal intercourse with each other without living together of a man and woman when either is lawfully married to some other person.

Personal jurisdiction?

If it didn't occur in SC, then sorry.

I think the argument breaks

I think the argument breaks down around the part of sec 16-15-70 that says "habitual carnal intercourse". In other words, how many times and in what time period does the deed have to be done to = "habitual" :-)

Pick your poison

(Can't take credit for this heard, it from somewhere else but.)

Which would they have preferred: Him sneaking off to Argentina to meet his mistress? Or him stick to the original of sneaking off to the Appalachian trail at the same time as this:

Every year on the first day of summer, a few outdoor enthusiasts nationwide expose virtually all of themselves to insects, scrapes and thorns for the pleasure of bonding with nature au naturel. ... This year, the summer solstice falls on a weekend — this Sunday. Father's Day.

Boku no otto wa totemo aishite