Anti-bullying bill headed to the House for final vote - Take Action Now!

Please email and call your state legislators to encourage them to vote for the anti-bullying bill that has come back for a final vote. One of the House judiciary committees approved the NC Senate version of the bill yesterday with all Democrats voting for the bill.

This bill is about protecting children. Regardless of what the far religious right wants you to believe, it is not a path for redefining marriage. Anyone who would promote this scare tactic is, in my opinion, putting their own personal hate agenda above the protection of children.

Go here to find contact information for your NC representative. Please call now and pass this on to your email list.


We have come so close

Governor Perdue will sign this. Let's make sure it sees her desk. Call now, please.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Thanks for posting this

Almost there ... though don't be surprised if Tony Rand decides to rewrite the bill over breakfast.

Still keeping it short and sweet

No energy and still having a hard time bending my fingers or sitting/standing/lying down for any length of time.

I was very upset when we couldn't get this legislation passed last cycle. We are so close.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Contact your House member NOW

An action alert from Equality NC is here

If your House member is good on the issue, ask your representative to persuade their fellow representatives to pass the bill.

If your House member has already responded that they are voting for the bill, another way to help is to send this link to folks who are outside of your House district.

The bill has already passed the Senate. Let's get past the lies of the opposition, and get it done!

Send the link above to as many North Carolinians as possible.


intolerant of traditional American values coalition

One of our local republican County Commissioners just told me on Facebook that the gays "are part of [Obama's] open minded, intolerant of traditional American values coalition".
Good thing I took a screen grab of that one before he deletes the comment.


Anyone know if there are any representatives that are undecided or sitting on the fence on this issue? Those are the legislators that we really should be writing to.
I live in Rep. Ross's district and I'm sure she'll vote for it. I don't wanna waste her time or fill her inbox needlessly, when I could be writing to an undecided lawmaker.
Anyone know?

Great question

I have the same problem here in Orange County. I rarely bother to write my representatives because I know they do the right thing most of the time. Mostly I just send them pats on the back.

Sorry I can't help.

Fence-sitters on bullying bill

It's fair to say any Democrat that didn't co-sponsor the House version of the bill (link here) should be targeted. All Republicans should be targeted, because that lying bigot Rep. Stam is making this a caucus issue as their GOP leader.

If you know people in those swing counties/districts, get them on the phone and email to their state representative.

Send them this link to act.

Long link here: