"Near may be better than far,

but it still isn't there." - Into the Woods.

I've been feeling very musical lately, which is not a good thing, really. But today, in my mind at least, is an interesting day. Just past the 30th anniversary of the White Night Riots, and a little further past the 5th anniversary of marriage equality in Massachusetts (And yes it is still standing! See it doesn't bring about the apocalypse.) A day to remember those who have served this country, and for me a day to think of those cast from the ranks because of who they were and the still standing blemish of DADT. And a day before the California Supreme Court announces its decision on Prop 8. (With Celebrations or Protests planned to follow in 90 cities)

I also watched "Milk" this weekend, which put me in the mind of "The more things change the more they stay the same." (Scary to hear the words of Anita Bryant still being echoed to this day)

So where do I stand as a NC citizen? Well, there were several bills that were presented this year that I had been watching. And so I wanted to recap some of the ones that stood out to me.

The Healthy Youth Act survived the crossover deadline. I have mixed feelings about this. I'm glad our state will be able to offer the parents the choice to provide children with the education they need to protect themselves from STDs and pregnancies, but I still have issues with the "Until Marriage" parts, but that is my personal thing. Anyway, and the School Violence Prevention Act is still on the table which is great because the one of the top three reasons for bullying in schools is percieved or actual sexual orientation and gender identity, and with four (that I know of) incidents of bullying related suicide this year (not to mention that for every completed suicide there is about 100 to 200 attempted suicides) I think it is high time we as a state put our hmoophobia on hold to protect the future of this state, its children.

The Defense (?!) of Marriage bill has stalled once again. Though one source I was reading says that it may not be subject to the crossover deadline, considering the source, I take that with a grain of Amidrine.

Two bills that seem to be dead this time is HB100, Conform State Law to Lawrence V. Texas, and SB843/HB1049 Nondescrimination in State Employment. So while we may pass a law to protect school children, their parents can still be fired for being who they are, then charged with "sodomy."

And I still can't be added to my fiance(soon to be husband)'s health insurance, so I'm still uninsured until I can find employment. (Which means I have to ration my migraine medicine because who knows when I'll be able to get a refill...)

Maybe one day I too can be treated as an equal citizen on this state...


I'm so glad you shared this

Please don't stop promoting the issues and legislation that are important to you. I know it is tough when the things that are important are dismissed or trivialized, but please don't give up. I swear we'll get there.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.