New BlueNC Feature - Feeds, Feeds, Feeds

We've added a new feature to BlueNC to help you stay on top of what is going on in the media and blogosphere in North Carolina. The "Feeds, feeds, feeds" page is found under the "Features" tab in the top menu under the BlueNC logo. You can also find a link to it if you click on the new graphic in our sidebar to the right.

When you get to the feeds page you will see several categories listed across a blue bar up top. When you click on each one you will visit a different collection of feeds from outside sources. Some feeds will provide only headlines and some provide one or two sentences. The idea isn't to steal content, so we are intentionally providing only a small tidbit from the other source. We don't necessarily like the idea of sending our readers off site, but we hope when you find something of interest you'll head back to BlueNC to talk about it.

Each category has only one or two sources and I will be working on adding more. NC Politics Press features feed from the News & Observer politics page, the Greensboro News-Record politics page and Mark Binker's page. I plan to add Laura Leslie's feed, Jack Betts and the Char-O. Do you have any other suggestions for our NC Politics feed? Asheville and Wilmington papers?

NC Progressive Bloggers has only one entry - Scrutiny Hooligans. I plan to add Pam's House Blend and would like to add others, but I think we need to have some requirements for inclusion on the list. First, I think the site must be updated regularly and it needs to be a North Carolina blog. While I don't think a large following is required, we won't add new blogs or folks just looking for links. I will add NC Policy watch and other issue organization blogs in this feed group.

NC Righty Blogs has the Locker Room and the Meck Deck, two JLF blogs. I will add NC Conservative and will take suggestions for other NC conservative blogs.

The Congress Press tab includes the press release feed from the three members of congress who offer RSS on their press page - Larry Kissell, Howard Coble and Richard Burr. The two Republicans offer headlines, but the Kissell feed gives a little more substance.

Should we add national blogs and national media tabs?

Roam around the page and let me know how it works for you. I still have some spacing to work on so the feeds don't run together and will get that done as soon as I can. Is the page easy to use? Is the feature worth having? Let me know what you think.