Taylor Finally Had His Campaign Website Redesigned!!!

A few minutes ago, just for giggles, I cruised over to Charles Taylor's campaign website (http://www.taylorforcongress.com/), and to my surprise it had been redesigned!!!

Wow... looks like ol' Chuck threw me a curveball here.

Let me just say that a complete redesign of TaylorSucks.org will beginnnnnn.... now.

"He's fighting our fight" - puh-LEEEZE, Charlie!


Note to Charles:

when designing a webpage, try to get a picture that doesn't make you look like a nutbag.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


What you're seeing in that picture is closer to the real Charles Taylor than that 16-year-old pre-stroke picture that's been used by most WNC media outlets. He's probably the only person in the world, other than Dorian Gray, who could get away with that. And we all know how the Dorian Gray thing worked out. (okay, maybe a few of you don't. In a nutshell, it ended badly.)

My apologies in advance for not being social-like for a while; I've got to get to work here.


I didn't know about the stroke and I'm not into making fun of anyone who has physical handicaps. I can't remove the photo or I would at this point.

Now, if he was just nuts looking....

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

don't worry about removing the photo

honestly, i don't think rashorta was making fun of the handicapped; the fact is that taylor's had at least one stroke, maybe two, since he's been in office, and it shows in his face, in his stride, in his general demeanor. he's certainly not the man he was when he was first elected to congress and became part of the "gang of seven", but most media are still using that same official congressional portrait of him whenever they run stories about his campaign appearances. it's an illusion of vitality, see. might be a vanity thing as well...

(apparently he was within walking distance of my house on saturday - he was at a groundbreaking ceremony @ the greek orthodox church in montford while we were @ the shuler shindig. damn. would have loved to let loose with a couple of nice, loud "KITTENSTOMPER!" shouts.)

I am not so sure

About what photographs the media should use. It is not confidential information that Taylor has had a stroke. But as long as it does not affect his performance in office, I do not think that they need to be broadcasting it. Remember that photographs of FDR were always taken to hide his wheelchair.

there is a double standard

if shuler used his high school yearbook photo as his big campaign pic, people wouldn't believe it. yet taylor can get away with it. that's my beef.

i really do think that the local news media - particularly sinclair mouthpiece wlos-13 - should start using current pictures, to show taylor's constituents what he really looks like now.

You know that Hayes

looks nothing like his "official" picture either

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Good Lord


Are you going to be lampooning the new site's look and content? That's exciting.

Was the banner photo taken during one of Taylor's doctor appointments? Looks like Taylor stroke doctor and two overwrought pharmacists trying to keep the man upright.

Scrutiny Hooligans - http://www.scrutinyhooligans.us

Look, yes. Content, I don't know...


Here's the plan, as far as I can see it right now:

I'm going to try to have the basic structure of the new campaign site replicated in the next couple of days - straight HTML, no funny stuff. UNLESS there's someone out there who would be able to port the basic structure of that site into a CMS like WordPress and is willing to work for TaylorSucks.org bumper stickers...

Once that's done, I'll figure out what to do with the old content. It won't disappear; it might move to another spot. I may put out an appeal to any and all Concerned Citizens for help in getting some new content ready for the inevitable relaunch.

I'm kind of disappointed in Taylor, honestly; I was convinced that he wasn't going to bother redesigning the site at all!

it's an education photo op

i'm pretty sure that's taylor posing with john bardo, the chancellor of western carolina university, whose lips have never been separated from chuck's arse since day one.

Not taking safety very seriously

Taylor does not have any safety glasses on and the woman's glasses are on her head, not covering her eyes.

She put her glasses on her head

because Chuckie T promised not to spit in her eyes. What strikes me is the obvious coordination of ties and the black gold top banner. It's just a bit tooooo posed for my liking...but that's just me.

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Taylor's website

Taylor's website has a claim that he is the most powerful congressman from NC. That power, real or imagined, must extend to the NC Secretary of State's office. The core of Taylor's business interests is "Financial Guaranty Corporation" for which he lists an asset value of over $50 million in disclosure forms. The last correctly filed annual report was filed 11/3/2003 for 2002. Subsequent reports were filed but rejected. While these may be administrative errors it does seem odd that this could persist for so long without any corrective action especially as registration for other related "Financial Guaranty" corporations has been suspended for failure to file NC tax returns.

Fighting our fight

That's great! Because our fight is getting hacks like Taylor out of office.

I'll be expecting his resignation to follow...

Bush Economy

This gives me an idea...

Look for a new blog post in a few minutes.