A Visual Guide to the End of Civilization

aka my wedding pictures!

The anti-gay groups don't like that NC is the only southern state without a marriage discrimination amendment to their constitution because they are worried someone could get married out of state, then come back home and sue to have their marriage recognized. Well as of yesterday I am one more person for them to be afraid of because I got married in Boston yesterday.

This was my first trip to Boston or MA for that matter, but I'll definitely go back. The city was beautiful, it was a great city for walking around, it couldn't be any gay friendlier, there were plenty of gay couples walking around holding hands, no one at city hall treated us any differently than straight couples, the manager at the hotel sent up chocolate covered strawberries & champaign when they heard it was our wedding night, the justice of the peace made a point of saying that marriage is only about love and that the ceremony she was going to perform would be the same she would give to any other couple. It was great & I can't wait to go back!

Day 1 – We arrived, checked in at the Omni Parker House hotel, explored the city a little, and stopped by Fanueil Hall for shopping & a bite to eat.

On Day 2 we applied for the marriage license at city hall & we went on part of the freedom trail visiting places like Paul Reverse’s House, and the Old North Church, and of course we dined in little Italy while we were in the North End. And then went off to check out Harvard & do some museum touring.

Day 3 - We went through the Boston Common for the first of many times, saw the State House (we had already seen the Court House), saw the graves of Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, & John Hancock, visited the Boston Public Library, and went out to the Prudential shopping center/Prudential Tower Observatory where we could see from the Harbor in one direction and well past Finway Park in the other. We also checked out South End, & the Calamus Book Store… you don’t see as many establishments back here in NC with rainbow flags hanging by the door. We finished the night with a meal in China town.

Day 4 brought us to hear the Boston Symphony, to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, & the Old State House, followed by a wedding shower at a comedy club with our family who had come up to visit.

(I'm on the right)
Day 5 – The big day. We also checked out the Cheers bar, & did some other site seeing & fancy meals.

Day 6 – We saw the site of the Boston Massacre & the Boston Tea party which happened near the bridge in this picture.

I'll be putting up more pics here later:



Dangit Jake...I always cry at weddings

Thank you. What a beautiful way to start my Sunday. Front-paged because we need some love on the front page. The pictures are awesome. Congratulations. I'm very happy for you.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


My best to both of you for a long and happy marriage. It is a wonderful thing.


PS I guess now I should go tell my wife Jane that our own happy marriage is deeply at risk and that the sky is falling.


Falling sky

The sky fell on me once. That's how I discovered heaven.

Greg, you say some of my favorite things.

I'm going to compile them, and when you're famous (or infamous), I'm going to make a fortune selling your words. I will share, of course.

All of the best!

Congratulations, long, happy life, all the good things.

and thanks for posting your pics here.

Thanks for the well wishes everyone!

Thanks for the well wishes everyone!

I've got a few more pics here. My camera was running out of space, but we still had tons of wedding shots, they just mostly ended up on family members cameras, so I'm still waiting on a lot of those, but I do have a few more to share from my camera.

Here I am at the Boston Public Library

Here we have the marriage license. (I'm on the left, Ted is on the right)

Here we are with the parents. We had about 10 family members/guests total at ceremony at city hall. We will be having a wedding reception back in our home state of NC later this month, in Chapel Hill with somewhere between 50 to 100 people, which is where we will have our wedding cake & big party for all those who couldn't afford an out of state trip to come to our wedding.

warmest wishes for a happy life!

And may I say, There go our tourism dollars! North Carolina, are you listening?

I lived in the Boston area for the first decade of my marriage, and it is a wonderful place. All the reminders of those Founders who tried so hard to win our freedom, and keep religious differences OUT of our laws. A good choice for your wedding.

And, no, my marriage doesn't feel threatened at all.

Had to stop and log in just to say

Congratulations, Jake!!!! Can't wait to see the photos when I get home. :-D

"They took all the trees and put them in a tree museum Then they charged the people a dollar 'n a half just to see 'em. Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone? They paved paradise and put up a parking lot."

Oppose Marriage Equality Constitutional Ban in NC!

Join this group. Let people know you oppose tampering with our state's constitution when marriage equality is 1) Already banned in this state & 2) this bill will negatively affect unmarried heterosexual couples as well as gay couples. We are the only southern state without a constitutional marriage equality ban, I'm proud of that, lets keep it that way!


Marriage Equality in Iowa, Vermont

While I'm proud of NC as being the only state in the South without a constitutional ban on marriage equality (which even CA can't claim), we've had at least 1 gay mayor that I know of, and I do believe we will pass the bulling bill soon... I am very excited for Iowa & Vermont!


"Iowa high court strikes down same-sex marriage ban

# Story Highlights
# NEW: "This is a great day for civil rights in Iowa," Lambda Legal attorney says
# Iowa joins Massachusetts and Connecticut in allowing same-sex marriages
# Decision upholds 2007 ruling by lower court that said ban stigmatized gay couples
# Debate rages in New England as two state legislatures consider the issue"

(CNN) -- The Iowa Supreme Court [b]unanimously rejected[/b] a state law Friday that banned same-sex marriage, and opponents wasted little time in pushing for a state constitutional amendment that could send the issue to voters.


Appeal from the Iowa District Court for Polk County, Robert B. Hanson, Judge.

Defendant appeals from district court summary judgment ruling holding state statute limiting civil marriage to a union between a man and a woman unconstitutional. AFFIRMED.

I wonder how all this will play out in influencing CA. I also wonder if Iowa's decision will change the minds of any legislators who were on the fence, and/or get the gov to reconsider his veto decision.

For my money I'm okay with civil rights/equality coming from any branch of government, and I have no problem with judges saying majorities don't always get to make decisions on minority rights.

It strikes me as amusing when some republicans say that it should come from the legislature instead of the judicial branch, but then when it does it is republican gov's that veto it (Arnold did in CA, Douglas plans to in VT)

Wedding Reception Pics

Setting Up

Wedding Cake

Guest Book & Take One Table (we had wrist bands with our names & wedding dates. We also had pictures on the tables from our Boston trip to share with those at our Chapel Hill reception who couldn't make it up to MA for the wedding)

Friends & Family

The Dance

And there are many many many more that I haven't even seen yet. I have more family members with digital cameras who are going to share, I had 2 photographers at the event and we are still waiting for their pictures, and we put disposable pictures on the tables for everyone to take pictures with and they've yet to be developed, so in all likelihood I will be sharing more =p

Jake...the decorations are wonderful

Love the blue and green and the cake is just gorgeous.

Sorry, but my age is going to show. You two are so adorable I could just pinch you. (Oh GAWD...my grandmother used to say that.)

Please tell me the two of you are coming to the BlueNC blogger bash on May 2nd. It would be a great chance for all of us to meet.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Makes me tear up, cuz

1) it reminds me how old I am

All the best to you and yours.

You share a lot, Jake. Thank you for doing so. It does make a difference.

(Not sure my Wolkpack husband would go for the blue and green - then again, he's OK with this Tar Heel riding around with light blue flags on the car).



Speaking of Wolfpack

I'll be starting in the Public Administration grad program at State in the fall (I went to NCSU for my undergrad as well) & Ted is working on his PhD at UNC so I guess we are a house divided as well =p The color scheme was just his & my favorite colors combined. Our engagement rings are azurite-malachite (blue & green minerals that naturally grow together).

And I like to share, both because it "desensitizes" people to the notion that gay marriage is scary (not that I have to worry about that here at BlueNC), but more importantly joy shared is all the more joyous.

And to Besty, while the bash sounds fun, I'm afraid I have to work that Saturday. Not worry, with grad school starting in Raleigh in the fall in Public Administration I'll be around NC politics & blogs for years to come, so I'm sure I'll make it to one eventually.

Call Your Congressman - Matthew Sheppard Act

And have the phone answerer take down your name and that you are calling in support of the Matthew Sheppard Act.

David Price's number is here:
(202) 225-1784

If you need to look up your congressman you can here:
and then just click their name & find a link to their website to find their number.

It'll take less than a minute, and it is a cause worth spending 1 minute of your day on!

They are voting on it tomorrow, so call today.