With all due respect to DailyKos

but we have known about this for quite some time. And since good ole Burr has been one of the most gleeful, outspoken members of the Party of No New Ideas, we can only expect these numbers to trend Blue. Now, can somebody just convince Coop to put his hat in the ring and start crushing this guy. Burr has done nothing productive (well, basically ever) in the 111th Congress. Voting straight down the party line against a progressive Obama agenda that the country is learning to love.

It has been a loooooooong time since North Carolina has sent two Democrats to the United States Senate. And boy is it ever gonna feel good when we do it in 2010. But let's not sit on our hands and admire polling numbers, let's get to work and start spreading the news about how disruptive and obstuctionist Richard Burr has been in his first (and only!) Senate term. I know I sound like one of those old NBC public service announcements, but really "The More You Know," the more North Carolinians will understand how desperately this country needs even more change. Putting Roy Cooper in the Senate would do just that.


No convincing of Cooper needed

He's already running with every email blast and PSA he sends out.

My problem is that he simply an opportunistic operator (like many successful politicians). He was traitorous Mavretic Democrat early in his career in the NC House, and recently hopped onto the Duke Lax backlash only when it suited his political pursuits - not a second before.

He can certainly beat Burr, but he will throw any group/person/ideal under the bus as soon as he thinks he needs to. That makes a great politician, but a poor member of government.

If no other can be found that is likely to beat Burr (Grier Martin comes to mind), then we have only ourselves to blame when Senator Cooper disappoints us in office.