Weekend wound-up

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The New York Times includes an N&O link in its sweet sixteen coverage.


K pasa?

Kokai of Koch funded foundation interviews head of Koch funded institute about Koch originated philosophy.

In their top ribbon to the right

I'm guessing that's John Locke.? Whomever it is the picture is kinda creepy....looks like someone peering through a peek-hole into a "Locker Room". Maybe a Freudian Slip?

Good catch, Momo

That IS creepy. Sort of like a cross between God the Father, Big Brother and Larry Craig.

No agenda?

Senator Hagan has aligned herself with this dumb bell, who apparently has no agenda other than scuttling the President's agenda. Does that mean that Senator Hagan has no agenda either? And if she doesn't why on earth is she associating with such a rudderless person as Evan Bayh?

a bigger duke question...

...what is the succession plan for coach k?

i'm not aware enough to have any answers, so what i'm really wondering is: do you forsee a seach for an eventual successor, or is there an in-house process to move one or more candidates into position to step into his role?

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Big mystery

Around these parts. I live seven miles from Duke and honestly have no idea what might be in the works. I'm guessing we'll see a lot of speculation about the future over the next few months.

I seriously doubt

his job is in jeopardy. Good grief, people, they won 30 games this year.

I don't think it is a matter of anyone thinking his job is in

jeopardy....he just ain't no spring chicken.

Hopefully, Duke will learn from UNC's experience. It almost seemed like we never believed Dean would retire and just weren't ready for it. I think the point of that question was to discuss whether Duke had already started preparing for the day Coach K decides to settle back and watch games instead of coach them.

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Jeff Capel

Looking at Capel's success at Oklahoma, I would say he is one of the tops to replace Coach K.

In the past couple years, Coach K has not been able to recruit a good big man or a point man to run the team.

...And Capel's team is now in the elite-8