Weekend wound-up


Heh heh :)

Our troublemaker from Flint could swallow this new, bowtie-wearing, fresh-faced kid in one gulp, and still finish off a double order of home fries before pushing away from the table.

I, um, meant that, "metaphorically", not, "gastro-intestinally". ;)

My apologies

I just realized that it's not fair ... what I said. It's good to admire entrepreneurial spirit, and you have just as much right to do that as anyone. I'm not exactly sure we agree about the definition ... but that's a different question.

Simply stunning

Quoth the whackjob:

Over the last few years in America, there has been a shift in the mindset of people to eliminate risk and personal responsibility, and we are seeing the effects of that today. The theory is, if you are an individual who has created wealth you have probably mistreated or abused someone to get that wealth. It is kind of scary that America has started to demonize the entrepreneur

I'll demonize these whizbang fools who created financial instruments they didn't understand anytime I damn well please. Even Faber at CNBC gets that much.

Please JLFers, defend these "entrepreneurs" as much as you like. You only marginalize yourself -- with my gratitude.


Another red herring from The Show

I'm an entrepreneur. I don't feel demonized in the slightest. And I don't think America has started to demonize anyone except for rapacious greeders who exploit public policy at the expense of others.


anyone except for rapacious greeders who exploit public policy at the expense of others

Don't you know? They're not bad people. They're entrepreneurs who are just smarter than the rest of us.

Or are they just less honest? Well, this time they were less honest with themsleves because they didn't know when to get out of the game.

Doubling down caught up with them, and it's time for these "wealth creators" to pay up.


Bull in a China shop

Entrepreneurs set their own course and really never know who they will have an impact on until they are well on their journey.

One good thing about these naive fools is their tendency to inadvertently reveal dangerous potholes in their ideology when they try to fluff their pillows.

The idea that not trying to assess potential unintended consequences to others (or the environment) from your actions somehow divorces you from the responsibility for such consequences is a handy (yet irresponsible) mentality. Our recent closer look into the impacts of the lauded Kenyan flower industry is just one example out of thousands, where soaring profits are the only proof one needs of the "goodness" of an idea.

While there are instances where there is a need and/or desire for products and/or services, and the providing of such can generate profit for the provider and a quality of life boost for the recipient, wealth is never simply "created" without some adverse effects. Whether it's promoting luxuries to people who can't afford basic nutritional needs, or taking away commerce from those who provide similar products or services, or using up an inequitable and unsustainable amount of natural resources, or any number of other reactions to actions, someone always pays the price for another's success.

Young Mr. Moore exhibits many of the traits that have led this country to the economic precipice. In seeking to justify and promote reckless and myopic business ventures, he continuously refers back to ambiguous biblical scripture from thousands of years ago. He may not be aware of it, but he does this because of a subconscious realization that someone needs to take responsibility for the behavior of selfish idiots, and ancient prophets are just the ticket.

Sometimes these folks

not only touch a nerve, they step all over it.

You know, it's one thing to listen to them preach about, "taking personal responsibility", as opposed to hiding in the folds of the government skirt. I can almost dig that a little. But I swear to God, some of these people wouldn't recognize personal responsibility if it sat on their face and farted.

It's much more than just being independent and self-reliant, it's also working from the perspective of, "Above All, Do No Harm." That ain't just for doctors. It should be the overwhelming concern of a truly responsible person.

The key phrase here is

a truly responsible person

which just ain't happening these days with the r's and their minions.

Burr gets ...

a new sh*t screen ...

... who has earlier experience dodging bullets for Virginia Foxx.

Maybe Dave will be the one who can finally explain how the old bag can get away with dissing everyone who works for government, even as she sucks in her own sweet little Congressional salary.

Welcome to our world, Mr. Ward. I suppose you're against government, too? Does that mean you're not getting paid for your dirty work? Or are you just another Republican whore, so to speak.

Don't bother responding. We already know the answers. Just remember who's paying your salary. And it's not Dick Burr.

But at least he's beautiful.

In 2008, he was named one of the "50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill" by a local newspaper.

Sheesh. I don't know who is going to run against Burr in 2010, but I want them to get started NOW so I can contribute.


Methinks Mr. Moore confuses the anger felt by Americans towards large corporations with what he's describing as animosity towards entrepreneurs.

He starts from the premise that entrepreneurs are persecuted, and goes from there. His starting premise is crap, as is the rest of his article.

I just read about this via a link from FB

We've talked about moving to the mountains once my mom doesn't need me anymore. Now I know where in the mountains to go.

Boone Town Council Votes Unanimously for Equality—Twice!

3/20/2009 - Last night the Boone town council unanimously passed two important items affecting the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. The first policy prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity for city employees, making Boone the third North Carolina municipality to include gender identity protections. The second vote was on a resolution opposing the state marriage discrimination constitutional amendment.