New Content @!

It's been a busy day here @ HQ, and we'd like to invite you to scope some new content that was just added to the site mere minutes ago:

- In the News section, you'll now find details on Charles Taylor's vote on HR 1887 back in 1999, and how your rights to stomp on small animals in the prurient interest are directly affected by this bill's passage. Also, you'll find musings on Taylor's first radio ad, as well as the conspiracy to get real aliens to vote as part of Pelosi's real plan to take over Congress.

- Also, on the main page, you can read all about Taylor's duality when it comes to the issues portrayed on his first big reelection (taxpayer-subsidized) juxtaposed with his real views and votes.

Again, thanks for giving us love in the last few months! Knowing that this thing may actually do some good in a roundabout way makes it all worthwhile!

Until next update, I am,
Lyle C. Rashorta



that HR 1887 thing is huge! nice catch! it does my heart good to know that good ol' chuckles the kitten stomper would vote against a bill outlawing "crush videos".

OK...I went over and didn't know what was new

...and I had just been over there stealing the pic for last week's post. I'll go back over...

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