Why did the Dole campaign run the "godless" ad?

In an article in "Politics magazine" Marty Ryall, campaign manager for Elizabeth Dole's ill-faithed US Senate campaign, explains why they ran the now infamous "godless" ad.

In short, he claims the ad didn't backfire and made Dole lose the Senatorial race, because they were already losing by then. Dole's campaign manager basically says it was just a last desperate gasp of the Republican's campaign to keep Kay Hagan at bay. Dole's campaign manager also talks about his employer being a "carpetbagger".
The main culprit, according to Mr. Ryall, in the Dole campaign losing: Barack Obama.
The hundreds of thousands of new voters the Obama campaign registered completely changed the political landscape.
What do you think? Was the "godless" ad decisive in handing Dole defeat, or was it just a footnote in the campaign for US senate?


Funny how things can change in a few months

October 2008:
"I've been home constantly, whether it was a personal thing or whether it was my brother," Dole told The News and Observer editorial board this week.
March 2009:
"during the two-year period when she was chairman of the NRSC, she only traveled to North Carolina a handful of times."
"We were particularly concerned about the time spent in the state." Marty Ryall, campaign manager Elizabeth Dole

I think Kay Hagan and her response to the "godless" ad

had a lot to do with Elizabeth Dole getting her walking papers.

Kay won because she showed intelligence and class when Dole showed desperation and bad taste. Did Obama's coat-tails help? Well, they didn't hurt. But I think credit goes to Senator Hagan.

Typical BS Spin from the

Typical BS Spin from the Rethuglicans.Dole Lost because of the Ad Plain and simple. Everyone with a brain knows this. (Which explains why the rethugs deny it).

OK but do you not think that

OK but do you not think that even with Hagan being better thousand if not millions of NC citizens were swayed by the ad? I had already voted for Hagan but if I was undecided, the ad would have swayed my vote.