Ask BlueNC: Request for Footwork in WNC

From dear Lance, who's having trouble tonight with the Internets down in the old Peach State:

A reader emailed the following question:

Can anyone find out whether any of Charles H. Taylor's "front" property businesses rent to undocumented residents?

It's a good question, and it would be a hell of a story if they did.


Taylor House

Maybe someone in Ashville can check out this house at 104 N Liberty St (aka 227 Hillside St in Buncombe Co Tax Records actually on the corner of both, west side of Liberty, south side of Hillside). It is owned by him personally, with a Brevard mailing address (not a business) and is classified as a single family residence. Verified in public records.

GIS systems are your friends

...especially if they have an "aerial photography" layer available.

it looks like that's what mr. rashorta used to find this picture.

yes. that's where he lives.

Country Club Road!

That is tooooooo rich.

Plus a wife named Elizabeth! No wonder Chuck's so out of touch with the needs of his constituents. He lives in a fucking castle!

rumor has it

that elizabeth owen (not to be confused with elizabeth taylor, although i'll bet that her and chuck would make a smashing couple) doesn't live in that house.

it that's indeed the case, then his efforts to defend marriage can either be seen as pathetically ironic or patently hypocritical.

looks like a dirt pit

He needs to invest in some grass seed.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Nice Retirement Home

We should send him there - permanatly. Or at least until his jail cell is ready.

It's good to know what $1.5 million will get you in Brevard.

I dare you

To find any of Taylor's business interests on the web. He's got his fingers in more pies than Mrs. Smith, but there's nary a cyberpeep from any of them.

You're talking real footwork here.

Scrutiny Hooligans -

Any questions?

There are 20 pieces of property listed in Haywood County records as owned by Maggie Valley Leisure Est Inc.

Maggie Valley Leisure Estates, Inc. is a Charles Taylor company, started in 1970, that has had its corporate status suspended since 2003 for failure to file NC State tax returns.

Smoky Mountain News reported last year about legal wrangling over responsibility for the death of a woman resulting from a landslide caused by failure of a water pipe originally installed and maintained by Taylor's company.

Many unHappy Returns

...but wait, there's more...

Financial Guaranty Credit Life Company (suspended 8/24/2005 for failure to file NC State tax returns)
Financial Guaranty Securities Corporation (suspended 8/24/2005 for failure to file NC State tax returns)
Financial Guaranty Title Company (suspended 8/24/2005 for failure to file NC State tax returns)
Monte Vista, Incorporated (current, previously Transylvania Estates Inc)

Technically they are in his wife's name, Elizabeth O. Taylor, but he is the incorporator.

Some men kill their wives....

Some men set them up to go to jail for tax evasion....heh.

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