You Can Believe Me, Or You Can Believe Your Lyin' Eyes

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usCongressman Charles Taylor's first television ad of the campaign season, brought to you as part of a $10 million multi-district campaign from the United States Chamber of Commerce, touts Taylor's record on Medicare. It's disturbing to think that Charles Taylor's benefactors believe they can fool western North Carolina's seniors into ignoring their own experiences with Medicare Part D.

Taylor's Medicare record has consequences for our senior and disabled Americans:

- confusion about which prescriptions would be covered by the enormous number of plans from which an enrollee could choose. Variations in implementation from state to state exacerbated the confusion.
- a person's prescribed drug may not be included in the formula and an equivalent drug may also not be available.
- "created an environment where you can't practice pharmacy. We spend so much time being insurance representatives that it's taking away from patient counseling."
- "Sixty-one percent of pharmacists said customers’ “formularies” had changed after they signed up. In two-thirds of cases, the changes were not beneficial to consumers."
- "Callers to Humana, one of the largest Medicare carriers, often had to wait 30 minutes to reach a customer service representative last week. Federal standards say that 80 percent of calls must be answered in 30 seconds."
- "the 2003 Medicare law prohibits the federal government from negotiating drug prices under the drug benefit."

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And then, of course, there's the donut hole. The donut hole, which Charles Taylor's lobbyists didn't mention in their advertisement, takes a moment to grasp:

"Under a standard plan this year, Medicare handles 75 percent of drug costs after a deductible until the bill reaches $2,250. Coverage does not kick in again until those costs total $5,100.

7 million American seniors and disabled people will one day arrive at the pharmacy to find they can't get their drugs anymore unless they can come up with thousands of dollars to jump the donut hole. This is the point at which statements like "I have to choose between medicine and food" or "I can pay the rent or I can have my medicine" move from rhetoric to reality. It's only now that many of North Carolina's Medicare recipients are hitting the donut hole, and according to many reports, they never saw it coming.

Image Hosted by 42 million Americans receive benefits under Medicare, and a sixth of them were factored into an equation supported by Congressman Charles Taylor and his Washington lobbyists. This equation deliberately installed a system that will adversely affect our mothers and fathers, our neighbors and friends.

Charles Taylor wants us to believe that the program is a big hit, and that folks are going to be just fine. He wants us to overlook the fact that he voted to give a blank check to the pharmaceutical industry. He wants us to overlook the mentally ill who may go without their medicines. He wants us to overlook the thousands of families that he deliberately left in the donut hole.

Image Hosted by Heath Shuler is running against Congressman Taylor, and he supports health care for all Americans. Your willingness to do a little something extra can help put Shuler into Congress and put America a step closer to giving all Americans health security. If you have a story about Medicare Part D, it's time to tell it. Please write your local newspapers. Call your local radio stations. Let Charles Taylor know that you can't be fooled by his commercial that should be titled, "You can believe me, or you can believe your lying eyes."



Chuck will keep lyin' as long as we let him get away with it. Take a moment and send a letter.

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I'm still waiting to see/hear Robin Hayes ads. They usually hit fast and furious, but not this early.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Saw one.

Apparently the US Chamber of Commerce is a One Trick Pony. They ran a Medicare ad for Hayes on WSOC tonight during the 6pm news.

I guess they bought in bulk so they didn't blow their whole Ad budget on the creative for original TV spots. Either that, or Taylor and Hayes are actually the same person. Hey, wait a minute....

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If it's ok with you, i will use some of this in my lte to the 2 Asheville newspapers tonight. Are you going to cross post this?

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Use whatever you like from any of my posts, momo. I just want to get some Democrats elected, and I don't care who gets the credit.

I may cross-post it, but there's a lot of Medicare info out there already. If I do, be sure I'll let you know.


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I wonder if you saw this...

From an article by Jay Bookman of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, I quote:

"Families USA, a non-profit health care advocacy group, recently compared the VA's prices for the 20 drugs most often prescribed to senior citizens against the lowest prices charged thru Medicare for the same 20 drugs. For 19 of the 20 drugs, prices were at least 29.8% cheaper when purchased by the VA And in some cases the differential was enormous."

"For example, the VA negotiated price of $127.44 for a years supply of 20 milligram doses of Zocor (anti-cholesterol drug)was compared to the same supply purchased thru Medicare for $1,142.92...almost NINE TIMES higher."

Mr. Bookman's conclusion was that this huge differential is money being taken out of the pockets of taxpayers and seniors and handed to large and politically influential pharmaceutical companies...(Merck in this case).

Guess where some of that money goes...(snark)?

Oh, lets see...

In the 2002 election cycle (According to OPENSECRETS.ORG) pharmaceutical companies "gave" Republicans $21.7 Million...and Dems. $7.7 Million. The average contribution to Repub Senators was @$24K and Repub House members, @$20K. Averages mean little, tho...Dole and Grassly each got about $143K, Arlen Specter $96K...and Dennis Haster, $94K. Not to be outdone, Dem Senator Toricelli (NJ) took in $161K, Harkin of Iowa took $124K, and Dem Senator Mary Landrieu (LA) got a measly $85K.

(When we look at this debacle, lets remember that just because someone identifies themselves as a Democrat doesn't mean they're not part of the problem...and sleazy to boot.)

It looks to me like the big Pharma got back every penny and a lot more from their paid stooges in Congress and the White house. We can find out how much Taylor has gotten...

Stan Bozarth