VIDEO: Iraqi Journalist Throws Shoes at President Bush Over Iraq War


An Iraqi journalist throws his shoes at President Bush out of contempt for Bush over the Iraq war.

"It's the end," the journalist yelled as he hurled both of his shoes at Bush.

President Bush joked, "It was a size ten shoe," while the journalist could be heard yelling in the hall after being removed from the press conference.


Interesting but not gratifying

I couldn't resist watching it (several times), and was certainly interested in the many reports I heard on NPR prior to having access to a video version of events, but it doesn't please me to see someone throwing shoes at our (outgoing, thankfully) President.

I'm sure that I share some of the shoe-throwing journalist's sentiments.
Nonetheless, I don't take pleasure in the spectacle or the fact of it, and part of me was glad to see that Bush kept his poise. I'm also glad he wasn't hit.

I suppose by this time that word of his unpopularity has even penetrated Bush's seemingly impenetrable world. I think that's a good thing. Dunno whether he'll ever "get it," but I'm relieved that his administration is generally understood to have been a disaster. That means that MAYBE we can learn something, or at the very least, for a short while, some behavioral modifications may kick in. Another strategy will be pursued. Plan B. Or C. We'll see. We're moving on.

Frankly, I'm impressed

A couple of nice moves there by George, by George. :)

And he popped right back up with an inquisitive look on his face, reminding me of a Montana prairie dog.

While shoe-dodging is not what I would consider an impressive foreign policy accomplishment, I'd be willing to bet that Bush's worldwide approval rating will move up a point or two after this.

The size 10 comment was somewhat amusing, but if he had proclaimed something like, "The wing-tips of mass destruction have been found!", it would have been a comedic coup.

Yes, I will give Bush that...

He can duck & dodge pretty well.

Obama probably would have just reached out and caught the shoe, all while remaining calm.

To your other remarks....lmao!

The size 10 comment was good, but if I may add to

" ... if he had proclaimed something like, "The wing-tips of mass destruction have been found!", it would have been a comedic coup."

And an intellectual immaculate conception.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?


It makes you wonder. What if he had slipped some kind of carbon knife in his shoes and tossed that at the President? I don't think this is funny, it just goes to show how dangerous it is to be President. Even if Bush has earned the hatred of people, this isn't funny.

I was impressed with his quick reflexes. I was NOT impressed with the Secret Service response, which seemed really sloooooooooooooow.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I agree, Robert.

At first, I thought it was funny - but as it sank in that someone actually threw stuff - TWICE - at the President of the United States, I was appalled. The first shoe got past Secret Service. But this guy never should have been able to throw another object at our President, even if I think he's a bad President. What does it say about the security that the Iraqis are able to provide for visiting dignitaries? What does it say about our own security forces?

I hope that this issue is fixed before any other U.S. officials visit Iraq.

Share the blame

Those of you who've helped work up a foaming at the mouth hatred of this President look hypocritical decrying a follow-through assault. You are the audience this guy thought he was playing to.

BTW, if he had done that to Saddam, seconds afterward, his head would have been rolling on the floor. If Saddam had decided to be merciful. Otherwise, he would have been sent off to the industrial chipper.

In case that fails to penetrate your impenetrable world, that's called change we can believe in.

Bush has earned the hatred all on his own

He hasn't needed any help. He is loathed throughout the world and he did it to himself.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

That's right

The Decider has single-handedly created himself as a creature of revulsion throughout the world. I know plenty of people who wish the shoe hadn't been thrown. I'm not one of them. It is a perfect finale to eight years of stunning incompetence.

I read that there was a trail

I read that there was a trail of fresh blood on the floor where the man had been removed. I don't know if U.S. Secret service was responsible for that, or if Iraqi security forces were responsible for that. However, if it had happened in a functioning democracy, the man would have been arrested for assault and given a trial before his "head was rolling on the floor", or he was "sent off to the industrial chipper."

I suppose it remains to be seen if this happened in a functioning democracy.

That's a load of crap, LB

"You are the audience this guy thought he was playing to."

This guy simply had enough, and he snapped. And frankly, I don't blame him. He's seen his country reduced to rubble, hundreds of thousands dead, power and fresh water are still intermittent after five years, militias (many with U.S. help) rule the streets and countryside, over 100 journalists killed while trying to do their jobs, etc.

On top of that, the poor guy was kidnapped by a Shia militia last year, and then he gets to hear this from the orchestrator of their misery:

"The work hasn't been easy, but it has been necessary for American security, Iraqi hope and world peace ... I'm just so grateful I had the chance to come back to Iraq before my presidency ends."

Our President needs to understand that the speech he used at the American Legion hall in Drybone Texas might not be the best speech to give in Baghdad.


I will admit that I thought it "fun" just recently that the Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at Bush, but I was awfully glad our President was not hit or otherwise hurt. In fact, for the first time in my acquaintance with Dubya, I felt PROUD oft the guy. He ducked but popped right back up like a danged prairie dog. Good work, sir! I admired that he was so agile.

As one of my brothers pointed out, he must have expected someone to throw a shoe eventually, and has probably been preparing for this moment for years.

Granted. But I felt gratified, in an unabashedly patriotic way that our lil' guy was so quick and evasive just when quick and evasive could actually serve a useful purpose.

It would have been distressing to see him hit. That would have provoked all kinds of feelings I'd prefer not to entertain on Dubya's behalf. I have few hard and fast rules, but one of them would certainly be that one does not throw shoes at the President.

Yet if this fellow had not thrown his shoes at the President, I don't think there would be a moment in time I could say I was ever proud of Dubya. This was his one moment. He ducked and popped right back up, and then he ducked again. Well done sir! Now, Mr. President, FINALLY, you have a shining moment upon which to build your exit.

Bush has had other shining moments of late

Actually, Bush should be given kudos for some things that he has done lately. Granted, he hasn't been anyone's shining star for the past 8 years, but he does seem to have mellowed a little lately.

I was particularly moved seeing he and Obama at ground zero. And, from what has been reported, he and his staff have been absolutely fabulous in handling the transition with Obama and staff. Bush and his staff could be bitter and played games and the like as Bush and his staff had to experience when he made the transition 8 years ago. None of that has happened.

Of course, I know the DNC isn't exactly elated at Bush not allowing Michelle and kids to move into The Blair House on Jan. 5 so the kids could be able to get into their private school. But, with everything that was scheduled at Blair, it is understandable and hopefully Obama has enough class to accept the situation.

The best thinking is independent thinking.

Guess you don't watch Rachel Maddow's LameDuckWatch

Bush has been a busy boy lately, overturning environmental laws and such. His parting shots at this country are beyond imagination. I'll elaborate if you want.

Yeah, I've seen that

Look, I've NEVER said I was a Bush supporter (well, I do admit to having been in the past). And, don't take my post wrong. I kind of feel sorry for the guy, to be honest. I mean, he's most certainly going down as one of...if not THE...worst president in history. So, when he does do something well, it's nice to be able to say it.

I'm thinkin' the grits are gonna hit the pan when he starts handing out his pardons. Clinton did some shady deals in that respect but I'm thinking Bush will outdo him.

The best thinking is independent thinking.


I like your grits hitting the pan phrase.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.