Bush: His Memoirs to Outline His Difficult Times in Office

For the love of all that is holy, Mr. Bush!

What the hell is it with your run-away ego and your inability to understand that the people of this country, HELL, the people of this world, do not care about what you feel to be YOUR personal crises’ that you’ve faced while in office.

You do realize that the entire population of your country is currently mired in a devastating recession of your making?

You realize that your attempt to wipe your backside with the Constitution of this country, your green light to torture people, your thumbing of your nose regarding the “rule of law”, your lies, your wars due to lies, your inept ignorance of reality and your inability to look at yourself in the mirror and say even to yourself “I was wrong”, have made you the most un-pitied person in the world?

You do realize this, don’t you Mr. Bush? I’m not getting a warm fuzzy on the fact that you do realize this, Mr. Bush. Let me explain.

Actually, let the snippets from this article on CNN explain. Then I’ll pile on.


Bush must navigate a treacherous post-presidency

It's a position that John Quincy Adams once called downright pathetic: that of a former president.

After all, the process of relinquishing the most powerful job in the world isn't an easy one, especially given the American public's notoriously fleeting attention span and penchant for paying little heed to once-prominent political figures after they exit the public stage.
As the days dwindle until President Bush joins what Herbert Hoover called the "most exclusive trade union in the world," the unpopular commander in chief appears decidedly enthusiastic about embracing a lower profile, recently declaring that he's more than ready to forgo the limelight.


Bush has more than a month left in office, but planning for his post-presidential year began more than two years ago. In many ways, the process is in full swing.

Fundraising and planning for his presidential library, to be built on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, is well under way. The president has started interviews with high-profile journalists, by all accounts already trying to define his legacy.

But as the president is set to begin his stint out of office, the exact path he will take remains unclear.

Bush has expressed interest in writing a memoir and hitting the highly profitable lecture circuit, but experts say both pursuits could pose pitfalls.

Publishers, concerned the president's slumping approval ratings could translate to less-than-stellar book sales, have reportedly been lukewarm about a Bush book deal.

Bush has expressed interest in cataloguing 10 crises he's faced, Brinkley said, but wary publishers are somewhat cold to that idea, perhaps concerned that a public still reeling from the country's financial meltdown might not have an appetite for the president's account of his own difficult times.

Bush, like several of his predecessors, is also likely to embark on the business of making money -- and a lot of it -- off his status as a former occupant of the White House.

My emphasis
If I were those publishers, I would be a bit wary of your infantile idea of writing about the 10 most Decidering Crises that you’ve faced as well, Mr. Bush.

The people of this world, this country, Iraq, Afghanistan, and those countries and peoples that you just forgot about as they went through genocides and famines that just didn’t get your attention, well, they simply aren’t going to be very interested in your revisionist history stories about how you stared down those Dirty Democrats over (insert criminal neo-con antics here). They aren’t interested in your continued lies about how you brought about “Mission Accomplished” or how you knocked ‘ol Saddam’s dick in the dirt.

You see, Mr. Bush, those same people are busy trying to find a way to feed their families. They are wondering how they are going to retire since their 401k’s have gone straight to hell. They are worried about where they are going to find a roof over their heads since their homes have been foreclosed upon, and silly little stuff like that.

Well, I guess it’s silly to a very rich Deciderer, who has plans to get even more rich by going on tour and continuing to lie to the suckers who will pay to listen to you bullshit them for old times sake. Hell, Mr. Bush. Even with only 20% of the USA population that still kisses your ass on board, that could still add up to a lot of cold hard cash. You know, kind of like the cold hard cash siphoned off to Bechtel, Halliburton, Swiss Bank accounts, etc. under your “regime.”

I have a suggestion for you, Mr. Bush. Not that you will take it of course, because you have already made it clear that you answer to a higher power than the American People.

Go away and stay away. Stay out of the limelight. Bury your inflated ego as you walk our of the White House door for the last time. Do not darken the doorstep of this United States of America ever again.

The reason I know you won’t take this advice is as I stated above. You answer to a higher power than the wishes and needs of the American People.

The almighty dollar.