Neal Hunt Calls All Obama Associates 'Radical American Haters'

Chris Mintz Says He Should Apologize to Voters
Raleigh – Today during a national television broadcast, State Senator Neal Hunt said that all associates of Barack Obama are “radical American haters.” Appearing on C-Span Mr. Hunt also brought up the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and falsely claimed that as President, Barack Obama would roll back President Clinton’s welfare reform, “putting people back on the public doll”.

His opponent, Small Businessman Chris Mintz called on Mr. Hunt to apologize to the voters of the 15th district. “I’ve been talking with thousands of Obama supporters and none of them are radial American haters. They are showing they love for America by coming out to vote in droves. Neal Hunt owes all voters an apology for his outrageous comments.”

Mintz continued. “Neal Hunt’s extremism is why he is ranked near the bottom in effectiveness in the State Senate. Our state and nation are facing too many challenges to continue divisive politics as usual. It’s time we get results.”

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