Why is HuffPo selling ad space to the RGA?

I received the Obama campaign email about the RNC's latest mailer and decided to search for a better view of it. Naturally, I found myself at the Huffington Post, as I often do. But imagine my surprise when I saw this:

Screen cap:

Here are the two main panels of the flash ad:

Does anyone find it odd that the Huffington Post would sell targeted ads that shoot down a Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate? Or that they would sell targeted ads for the Republican Governor's Association?


I can't find them on HuffPo

The screen cap and panels you've posted show up as little boxes with red xes in them. I went to HuffPo but didn't find the ads.

Are they on the first page?

I moved them

Don't know why I could see them.. Weird. I reupped them.

Hacked, perhaps?

That's truly weird.

Disturbing? I find it baffling.

Especially if this is the only ad against a Democrat on that site.

Is it?

I don't know whether I'll get an answer, but I did try writing HuffPo to inquire.

There's also an anti-Hagan ad on HuffPo

I suppose this means HuffPo doesn't have a policy to reject ads based on political content, and that these ads reflect just how desperate the GOP is becoming in NC.


They don't reject

None of the big sites reject ads I think. I know I have seen Republican ads at OpenLeft. And I remember a kos post about why he took money from people like Exxon.

I guess they figure that anyone reading the site won't be swayed so who cares, they get the money to keep on making noise.

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"

I don't know...

I know I got an e-mail from the We Campaign complaining that ABC would not run their environmental commercial, but ran commercials from oil prices instead. I know that seemed wrong to me.

So to complain about that AND complain when liberal sites dare to accept conservative ads doesn't seem right for me. Seems a little hypocritical. If you don't want HuffPo to accept conservative ads, don't complain when the reverse happens. I say let the marketplace of ideas have its moment...I'm not afraid of an ad...

Phillip Hunter Gilfus

These are probably google ads

These are ads very likely placed through google's Adsense program, which places "relevant" ads on websites which participate. The website is paid every time the display ad is displayed to a visitor. Some ads require a "click through" to be paid (you see them on the side of many sites under "Ads by Google"). So when content on the page mentions Perdue or McCrory or NC politics or whatever other keywords the NGA pays for, the ad may appear. The site has no control over it.