Hayes trots out POS to Counter DCCC poll

Robin Hayes put out a poll today to counter the great news from the DCCC released earlier today.

This poll is more than a week old, and shows Hayes up by only 3. I will let others fill in the details on POS, but this firm showed Hayes up 10 6 weeks ago, and they showed Larry down by 20 just 3 weeks before his 300 vote loss.

As the people at Swing State Project point out, the hidden gem here is that POS didn't release the Presidential numbers. Last time they showed McCain up 5, so what does it tell you that they didnt release anything this time?

There are (as usual) no details about methods from this firm that has been accused of push polling in the past. When an incumbent has to release an old internal on the SAME DAY that a new poll is released he is in huge trouble. Go Larry Go!


Woo Hoo! Awesome!

POS is *$(%)@*(. OK...so we'll split the difference...Larry is up by oh...say...4.

Mr. Nasty is toast.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

we've been hearing about those push polls

as we've been phone banking Unaffiliated voters...which should tell you a lot. I mean, how outrageous must this thing be if your average lazy voter recognizes they are being push-polled?