Women take over?

It's been a grim morning's worth of news from around the state and around the world. A fine mess we've gotten ourselves into. And by "we" I mean specifically the male of our species. So would it be too much to ask for women to take over for awhile? They may not be any better at running things, but they sure as hell can't be worse.

Carolina News 14 has this report today.

Women are playing a more prominent role in state politics too. Thirty-nine members of North Carolina's 170-member General Assembly are women. Four out of the nine state council positions are held by women, including lieutenant governor.

Thirty-nine out of 170? That pretty much sucks as far as I'm concerned. And I've written a whole column on this subject which will appear in an upcoming edition of the Chapel Hill News to coincide with Women's History Month. As soon as it's published, I'll pass it along.


I look forward to reading it.

You know you are playing right into our hands. We figure we'll let you guys totally screw up the world and then we can ride in on our white horses and save the world. (yeah, right)

I look forward to seeing more women involved in politics and big bidness. Don't be too hard on your gender though. There are more doing the right thing than there are doing the wrong thing. The bad news always gets more attention. We need to stay positive and continue working to keep the Republicans from taking over the state legislature. Just look at South Dakota and you know how very important it is.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Conservative Women

Of course, the current conservative view of the role of women pretty mush excludes them from working in government.

Women in Politics

Bob Dole is a lobbyist for the UAE ports controversy. We should use that when Liddy is running next for Senate. There are plenty of good Democratic women in NC politics, who could easily replace her.
She is also not doing well as head of the committee to elect Rethug Senators. Having a lot of trouble getting people to run.
I don't understand why Rethugs win this state when there are more registered Democrats than Rethugs. I was surprised to read that just a short time ago.

I think there were posts about these issues before

I do not have the time to find them now, but you can search the categories list to find out what we have posted about Dole in the past.

It would be great to knock her out in '08. Now I am trying to focus on the '06 campaigns.