Congratulations BlueNC!

It's been a long three years. Those of us who have been here just about the entire time are feeling the strain, so excuse us if we take a few minutes to celebrate. Yes, our little old BlueNC has been named the best local blog in Creative Loafing's "The Best of Charlotte" issue. We are the critic's choice.

So is a state blog, not a local one. But it has a heavy Charlotte presence and many Charlotte-based bloggers. It’s the best progressive blog that’s not completely Raleigh-centric, OK?

So let's take a minute to celebrate.

Woo Hoo! Yay! Yippee! Yehaw! Hip, Hip, Hooray! Whoopie! Yeah! Way to go! Congratulations!

OK, now you may return to your regularly scheduled fits and rants in

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You know...I'm not making light of this....

it is actually pretty coveted in Charlotte. Restaurants and bars will display certificates on their walls and programs/camps for kids will put it in their ads.

Now, I don't know how much competition there was, but I'm not making light of the recognition. I'm happy that folks in Charlotte even know who we are.

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Good job!

I often read CL, but haven't caught the newest edition. I'll add a scan if i can get my hands on it.

(Off-Topic to Betsy: What happened to the bottom right blog/comment list? And is there any reason the Track page within My Account allllllllways takes so long to load?)

Still working out the kinks, sweetie

With my limited time I had to choose to do other things. (Today is my youngest daughter's birthday, so last night her father and I were painting the rock at the middle school and tonight we've had a little party.)

There also isn't an easy work around for the module that is killing Internet Explorer. I think that's what is causing all if not most of the problems.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


little Muse!

People still use IE? Creepy.

Yeah...about 50% of our

I think I best be making sure I make those readers happy. :D

She has had a happy birthday. She's having a large party Friday night, so I may be here hiding out.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

They're right, you know

We've got some pretty active (and savvy) Charlotte-area bloggers here, which is one reason why we're well aware of the catastrophe a Governor McCrory administration would be.

But you know something else that's cool? We've got mountain bloggers that keep us informed of Western N.C. issues, we've got rural bloggers that shine a light on issues that are virtually ignored on other sites, we've got both Triangle and Triad bloggers (with me right in the middle), we've got folks from Eastern and Coastal N.C. talking about publicly (mis)managed energy & the OLF debate, etc.

For BlueNC to be so in tune to what's going on in so many different regions is nothing short of amazing, but it doesn't really surprise me. I came here because I was invited, but I stayed here because of the incredible people I found here, and the dynamic potential for change this mindbank wields.


It is an honor to be honored. Let's do something important.


Doubts about Dole?


Great work! After 3 years, being number one is a tough road to hold. In the sports world, Staying on top becomes did great job holding it together.......Blue NC is a powerful political force in this state...Now don't do something stupid like Bob Barr [ Libertarian Party Candiate]did today, piss off all of the Ron Paul short don't screw up a free lunch

Oh Max!

Some of our best work is done in pissing of the Ron Paul fans! You know that!

Betsy - Thanks for the amazing commitment you have keeping this place put together and running, all while you're running a home and family, one of the hardest jobs there is. I couldn't do it, that's for sure. Thanks.

Congratulations BlueNC!

Congratulations everyone at BlueNC. It's good to see all of your hard-work recognized. Keep up the good work!


Couldn't have happened to a harder-working bunch. Well deserved!

Laura Leslie
(Barkeep, Isaac Hunter's Tavern)

Laura Leslie
blogger/reporter for WRAL @NCCapitol
Former Barkeep of Isaac Hunter's Tavern


Congratulations to BlueNC on three solid years of providing a reliable forum for left-of-center political discussion. Our public discourse is more robust and, therefore, democracy is healthier thanks to the hard work and dedication of citizen journalists and ordinary folks who take time to participate in online discussions. Here's to many more years to come!

-Teresa Sue Bratton, M.D.


I've been quiet lately, but I did want to note that as this community celebrates its third anniversary, I celebrate half a year as part of it (26 weeks).

Glad to be here! I'm looking forward to the next 26, and beyond.

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I wouldn't recommend drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity for everyone, but they've always worked for me. -- Hunter S. Thompson