Wilson Residents Continue to Write, Call and Object to Electric Rates


Problem is ... I have many emails from people who say Mayor Bruce Rose will not call them back, answer or respond in any way. But we are still hard at work on the ElectriCities Board and two newspapers are working on additional stories.


Lucama had better sense



Saturday, September 06, 2008, 12:00 AM

Lucama mayor compiled record of accomplishments

As a former commissioner for the town of Lucama, I had the privilege of serving with Mayor Virginia Johnson who recently passed away to be with the Lord. As mayor of the town, she was a caring leader for all citizens. Buckled down by high utility rates by the city of Wilson, in 1995 three small towns came together to examine the possibility of leaving Wilson and purchasing their power supplies on the open wholesale power markets.

Ms. Johnson, along with former Black Creek Mayor Ralph Smith and representatives from Stantonsburg, fought hard by going to Washington to get relief after being told by city officials the tree towns couldn't do it, wouldn't do it and shouldn't do it. As a result of her willingness to stand up against big government, the town of Lucama is reaping the benefits of the infrastructure of electricity.

While Ms. Johnson was commissioner she could foresee Lucama having a park with a walking path. When she became mayor she worked tirelessly to see the completion of the park. The electrical savings and park were not her only accomplishments. She spearheaded Lucama having its own fall festival and worked diligently to see it a success. Not only did she serve as a commissioner and a mayor, she also managed the Lucama Senior Citizens Nutritional Site.

Most significantly, Ms. Johnson was a fair and honest individual that expected the same from the employees of the town and also the commissioners.

Her efforts have touched the lives of the young and old. May we all reap the benefits Virginia worked so hard for.

Darlene Newsome

Little Rock Church Road

Al Manning, retiree, native of eastern NC and proud of it, plenty of time to read, research and get annoyed about the lack of accountability in elected leaders these days. Married to a real southern lady and we live with two labs and two airedales who run

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