colbert namechecks (and bodychecks) taylor!

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anyone who actually got to stay up late enough to watch last night's edition of the colbert report (i'm not among them - i usually have to rely on crooks and liars) got to see this:


in a piece skewering former xtian coalition chair ralph reed, who recently lost his primary bid for the lt. governorship of georgia and said during his concession speech that "our values will win in november", colbert went on to briefly profile a couple of congressional representatives who represent "our values" (the proof is in the "a" ratings they received from the coalition) but are in a little bit of trouble with the law:

"It's too late for you to elect Ralph Reed, but you can elect his values by voting for candidates like North Carolina Representative Charles Taylor, who earned an "A" on the Christian Coalition's voting score card. And now, he's taking heat just because he threw the money lenders out of the temple... Okay, the official allegation is conspiracy to commit bank fraud, but that's just semantics."


(the inimitable john amato gets a nice tip o' the hat, while charles taylor gets the gas face... not to mention a royal skewering at the hands of those silly people at - be sure to stop by and check out the corrected version of his radio ad that they posted the other day!)


National Race

When the Flight 93 scandal went national, Taylor quickly retreated on the issue, deciding that it would be better to stop being a dick.

When the bank fraud scandal reemerges on the Colbert Report, I wonder if Taylor will do his usual backpedaling or just soldier on as dickish as ever.

Scrutiny Hooligans -

goes to show just how flexible he is...

...standing tall and firm by his convictions (whatever they're worth) but quickly able to bow to public pressure.

the gop noise machine will chalk that ability up to taylor being a "seasoned congressman with years of experience" - i call that being an opportunistic liar who truly does not care about, or even like, his own electorate.

every time i think of taylor, i think of charles durning's "pappy o'daniel" character from o brother, where art thou? - you know, "maybe we should get us some of that re-form!". i guess that way he won't piss me off as much. :)

Love this

my girls love Colbert. So do I. My so much. ;) (Must be the Republican in him...ya think?)

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