Terry's Blog - Denver: Day One

I'm Terry Grunwald, an NC 13th District delegate, and will be among the hordes blogging this convention. Arrived in Denver today. Here's my Denver: Day One report.

I've been blogging for over 6 weeks now at demdoodles.blogspot.com. Everyone is encouraged to view and comment. During the convention, I'll be linking to my daily reports here on BlueNC.

Hope what I'm doing is OK. I imagine the good folks at BlueNC will let me know soon enough if I am violating any guidelines.

Exciting to be here and looking forward to meeting Betsy Muse.


I saw Mark!

Mark was with me on the first leg of the flight to Denver. Should be seeing him again tonight. Wonderful to share this experience with dedicated Dems like Mark.

Terry, I was about to write about you!

I'm heading in now to pick up credentials. I'm going to put a permanent link to your blog and other delegate blogs as I find them, so if you get busy and can't stop by we'll have a direct link to Demdoodles. See you soon.

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