Wayne's World Returns (Again)!

Blogging has taken a backseat to my many hats as of late. But now Wayne's World is back!.

Since my last posting in late June, I have continued to criss-cross the State in my campaign-mobile, going where ever 2 or 3 folks - voters, of course - are gathered to share the good news about my race for Insurance Commissioner. (There are many more miles to cover, my friends, and I'll try to keep you better posted along the way!)

Other items keeping me busy since late June are my dutiful work as Assistant Commissioner of Insurance for the State of North Carolina ... and, most important of all, being "Dad" to my two kids. Jackson is now three months old. And, bless his heart, he started sleeping the whole night through last weekend. What a joy that was to dear old Mom and Dad. Meanwhile, Madison has been finalizing her summer at Arts Camp, concluding what has been a grand summer for her. And, last but not least, the legislature recently adjourned so Melanie's schedule is now more flexible.

So hang on: Let the blogging resume!


Thank you, James

Please do all you can to remind voters that we're not just electing a new President and a new Governor, but the very first new Insurance Commissioner in a quarter-century. With all that is at stake regarding affordability and accessibility to health insurance, as well as the fight to keep all insurance rates reasonable, low and fair, the choice that voters make at the 2008 polls will set the course for a long time to come.

I hope my fellow BlueNC'ers will also take up the charge as well.

Meanwhile, thank you again for your very kind wishes and your personal support. Have a good night, James.

Glad you finally found the time to stop in Wayne.

I know you must be completely busy with all you have going on, campaign and family.

I'll be sure to bring up your name in all discussions regarding this years elections, you can be assured.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!