McIntyre the GOP Closet-case

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North Carolina Representative Mike McIntyre of the Seventh Congressional District needs to change his party affiliation.

Democrat? McIntyre's no Democrat... He fits right in with the Gay Objectors' Party (GOP).

I thought North Carolina Democrats, although on the conservative side, were a bit above the fray when it came to government-endorsed discrimination and anti-LGBT prejudice and bigotry. I thought they were smart enough to understand the simple concepts of "all men are created equal" and "Liberty & Justice for all," but I guess I thought wrong.

Check out this news story from his Congressional website:

Mike McIntyre GOP Closet-caseMcIntyre Receives "Defender of Marriage" Award
Alliance for Marriage Presents ‘Defender’ Awards to Democratic House Members in Recognition of Their Courage and Moral Conviction in Support of Marriage

Washington, D.C., July 19, 2006 – Congressman Mike McIntyre (NC) was honored today by the Alliance for Marriage (AFM) receiving the group’s ‘Defender of Marriage’ Award at a press conference joined by the Niger Innis of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and Reverend Sam Rodriguez of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC).

The Award was presented to Democratic members of the House in recognition of their “courage and moral conviction” in support of the Marriage Protection Amendment, which was drafted by the Alliance for Marriage.

Congressman McIntyre was joined by Congressmen Sanford Bishop, Jr. (GA) and Lincoln Davis (TN). Several additional Democratic Congressmen will be presented the Award at a later date.

“Congressman McIntyre exemplifies courage and moral conviction by defending the values of the American people as embodied in AFM’s Marriage Amendment,” said Matt Daniels, president of the Alliance for Marriage. “He stands with the vast majority of Americans – of every race, color and creed – who want our laws to send a positive message to children about marriage, family and their future.”

The Alliance for Marriage is the driving force behind the movement to democratically protect marriage under American law. AFM drafted the Marriage Protection Amendment (MPA). In 2004 and 2006, AFM won President Bush’s endorsement of our Amendment and has successfully spearheaded pro-marriage votes in both Houses of Congress.

“The constitutional problem created by almost a decade of activist lawsuits to destroy our marriage laws demands a constitutional fix,” Daniels added. “AFM’s Marriage Amendment protects the common sense view of marriage shared by the vast majority of Americans of every race, color and creed.”

Tarheel pride? Not this week.

PS - The GOP Closet-casedness goes to Democratic Representative Bob Etheridge (NC-02), too.

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I suppose

a Democratic homophobe is better than a Repubulican homophobe, but not by much.


It doesn't matter what party affiliation they are... In the end they still support taking away my equality and creating Constitional, institutionalized, government-endorsed discrimination against me and people like me.

But like I said... he needs to switch his party affiliation. As far as I'm concerned he isn't acting too much like a Democrat.

Matt Hill Comer

No party switches please

McIntire is the one NC representative most likely to act like a DINO. He just needs a legitimate challenge in the 2008 Dem primary.

Unfortunately, this is a marginal seat. If he did get knocked off in the primary, it would be a prime pickup opportunity for the Rs.

...which probably does a lot

...which probably does a lot to explain why one of his feet is on the right (wrong) side of the great divide.

Good to see you online, Todd!

Good point. Unfortunately.

I agree. If he was to switch to GOP, or be defeated in a primary, I'm afraid, given the demographics of his district, it'd be in the R column for a very very long time. And that'd just make a bad situation worse.

This applies somewhat to Etheridge's district, too. I am more surprised by his vote in this case, given that his district includes some very gay-friendly neighborhoods in downtown Raleigh.

Keep in mind

That any Republican who might replace either McIntyre or Etheridge would be even more anti-Gay and would vote against your interests in public education, healthcare, the environment, tax policy, government integrity, and just about everything else.

This is why single issue voters usually lose.

Or Maybe...

Instead of all this playing politics with my life, my future life, my civil rights and my, supposedly God-given, God-created equality, we actually start listening and upholding our ideals.

I can't wait until i'm 80 (hopefully more than that), on my death bed and I can say... I never played around when it came to what I knew was right.

Bigots shouldn't hold office. Elected officials shouldn't play politics with people's lives.

Matt Hill Comer