Kissell Triples Cash on Hand, Hayes Doubles Expenditures

Teacher and congressional candidate, Larry Kissell, has narrowed the money gap with Multi-millionaire congressman, Robin Hayes. The gap is still huge, but the great news is Larry Kissell is not only in a better position in the polls at this point this cycle, but he has five times the staff to run his ground game, three times the cash on hand and Robin Hayes has more than doubled his expenditures in order about even with Larry.

Add on to that the fact that Larry Kissell's campaign is in the top tier of DCCC media buys and we are in an excellent position to move forward and win this race. If you know anything about how the DCCC works - and I know just a little - you know that they aren't going to earmark $1.6 million for the 8th District if their polls aren't telling them something big. We might have celebrated Larry Kissell as the top challenger in the country early on, but DCCC and DSCC will drop candidates if they aren't toeing the line. If a campaign isn't on the ground, if they aren't raising money or the polls start to tank, d-trip will redirect money earmarked for a candidate.

DCCC knows something. Their polling is telling them something about the 8th. What it is telling them is that Larry's hard work and his relentless drive to meet those 330+ extra voters is paying off.

Larry Kissell has Robin Hayes running scared. With less cash on hand than 2006, double the expenditures and low approval ratings Robin Hayes is in worse shape than he has ever been in during an election year. Robin, you can cry on the floor of the House, you can toodle around delivering all the big bouncy checks you want to and you can haul yourself around in your jet or your big fancy SUV filling it with E-85 'till the cows come home but you and your millions are going to lose to an honest, humble school teacher named Larry Kissell. Happy retirement.

Please help send Larry Kissell to Congress.



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Kissell FEC report

Hayes FEC report

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Cornered dog

Hayes is going to get nastier and meaner. I know that's an ugly thought, but Larry needs to get ready for it.

Daniel Johnson does well in NC-10, too

From our friends over at Swing State Project - Johnson came within $20,000 of matching Pat's fundraising in 2Q08:

Daniel Johnson
2Q Raised $125 COH $219 Total Raised to Date $342

Pat McHenry
2Q Raised $145 COH $411 Total Raised to Date $1,031

Pat better watch out - Daniel is gaining on him! Congrats on a great fundraising effort, Daniel!