Where is Vernon Robinson? Not in NC-13

Vernon Robinson wants to represent North Carolina's 13th Congressional District without actually living in it. He is located a little over 20 miles west of the closest peninsula.

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Where's Vern....

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Robinson's Financial Report

Vernon added $40,000 more to his financial report on Monday. He says they are all small donors, so he doesn't have to report who they are. There is no way to prove it or disprove it unless the FEC gets involved. I guess he didn't like the original report. He is now praising himself as the greatest fundraiser ever. A Democrat could do that too and have their totals higher than his if they were dishonest. Can't prove it of disprove it. His statement is that he has more supporters and has raised more money than all the candidates put together in North Carolina...maybe the whole nation. He is a real piece of work.


Financial rhetoric

I think he's counting donations, not donors, and he's scaring the crap out of retired folk in Florida, California and elsewhere to keep milking them for repeat contributions. The pattern of donations is odd. There may be double billing but it would be hard to prove. It seems to be multiple mailings and boilerroom telephone hard sell. What's not hard to show is several instances of over-contribution. His campaign prankster is Kay Daly (the one person Coalition for a Fair Judiciary and Ann Coulter wannabe) of Hackergate fame who is no stranger to dirty tricks and national organizing of such rent-a-crowd groups as FreedomWorks.

Vernon Location

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