Winston-Salem Jaycees Propose Town Hall Meeting to Perdue/McCrory Camps

Winston-Salem Jaycees, who boost one of the state’s largest and most active chapters, have given the campaigns of gubernatorial candidates Bev Perdue and Pat McCrory something to think about. They have proposed a Town Hall meeting in Winston-Salem– the only major media market snubbed in the debate schedule. The invitation to vie for Triad voters’ hearts and votes in either August or September has been received by both camps but neither has given a decision yet.

Ben Marsh, Winston-Salem Jaycee President, said, “The Triad has been completely ignored in the announced debate schedule. Forsyth and Guilford are key counties for victory in the General Election. I don’t see how they can ignore us. It is just good politics to schedule a joint event here. Our club is experienced in sponsoring major events,” he said, “so they should not be worried about our ability to pull this off. This will be a piece of cake. We will pack the house.”

Marsh said that Jaycees are considering the spacious auditorium on the Bolton Campus of Forsyth Tech as the site. “Community colleges are people places. They offer a great comfort level for audiences.”

Both candidates do well before audiences in informal, less-structured situations. Therefore, there is no reason for either to nix the event because of the format.

“The Winston-Salem Jaycees are an energetic group of young professionals who are very engaged in the political process. Our invitation is a serious invitation,” said Marsh, “and I believe the two candidates will view it that way. We are eager to receive their replies.”


Will you also invite Mike Munger?

Just curious.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

No Town Hall Meeting in Winston-Salem

The Perdue camp is not interested and has declined. So much for the Triad being improtant to her.


What is it with Democratic candidates turning down town halls? This is starting to look ridiculous.

Maybe the Hagan campaign should propose some for Sen. Dole...