What About Easley?

I was on CNN.com, looking at an article about potential ticket-mates for Barack Obama, and guess who I saw.


The article lists Easley's positives as

-He may help carry North Carolina.

-He has a good feel for blue collar America.

His negatives involve the potential for him being seen as a political insider, coupled with his inexperience in foreign policy matters.

It's probably a long shot to think that Easley will end up on the ticket, but we can be proud that, along with Edwards, two North Carolina Democrats are in the running for the vice-presidential nomination.

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Obama Easley?

Slight problem:

Actually, he'd do a decent job as VP but, Clinton stumping notwithstanding, has an apparent aversion to campaigning, once attributed to back problems. He's an enigma, something I like because it keeps opponents guessing. When he got booed at the JJ dinner he got fired up enough to give a good speech. As Governor he has tended to keep his cards close to his chest, a strategy that has worked for Dick Cheney, in office. Getting into office takes a little more openness or, what passes for openness.

What passes for openness......


Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


If that's Obama's first decision, I won't be looking forward to any more.

As much as I wanted Al Gore to be the 43rd (watching Recount last night brought it all back for me) Joe Lieberman would have been a sorry VP.

Progressive Democrats of North Carolina

I was literally shouting at my television...

reminiscing on Lieberman going on MTP and blabbering about counting all of those incomplete absentee ballots. I can't believe we were that close to having him as VP, and look where he's at now. I hate that bastard.

Recount was most definitely a joy to watch. Huge rec on that.