District Conventions - Are You Running for a Delegate Spot?

On Saturday, May 17, each congressional district in North Carolina will hold its Democratic Party convention. Resolutions will be passed and delegates will be selected to go to Denver for the national convention. You can find out when your congressional district convention starts by visiting the NCDP web site for more information.

Who's going to which convention? Can we arrange some meet-ups?

Are you running for a spot as a delegate to the national convention? I'm running to be an Obama delegate from the 4th district. I'd love to share ideas on how to campaign for these highly coveted spots.


Emails and handouts

I'll be sending an email to everyone who is registered as a convention attendee. And I think I'll have some sort of handout there. I'm not entirely sure what my message will be, but I'll work that out by tomorrow night...

Here's my email. It went out tonight.


My name is Graig Meyer. Please support my effort to be a 4th District Delegate to the Democratic National Convention. I’m pledged to support our next president, Barack Obama.

I’m usually one of the younger people around Democratic Party gatherings, and I’d like to represent all of the young people in the 4th District who have been inspired by the Obama campaign.

My Involvement with the Obama Campaign

· I started organizing for Obama early, eventually gathering a list of over 200 people that I helped engage in supporting Obama.

· I used this list and a personalized Obama website to raise over $5,000 for the campaign.

· On primary day, I worked two shifts at our precinct polling place. In between, I spent several hours canvassing for Obama in several neighborhoods in rural Orange County.

· My biggest victory in the campaign was registering my 40 year-old, high school educated, truck driving neighbor to vote for the first time - and getting him to the polls 10 minutes before closing so that he could vote for Barack Obama!

My Democratic Party Involvement

· My involvement in Democratic Party activities started locally. I serve as our block captain and our local organizer for the Constructing Victory effort.

· Later, I became co-chair the Orange County Democratic Party’s “Turn NC Blue” committee, and have actively worked to recruit local volunteers to support Larry Kissell’s campaigns in 2006 and 2008.

· This year, I’m a member of the NCDP State Executive Committee.

More About Me

· My day job is running a program to improve the achievement of students of color in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools. This spring I made sure that all of the high school seniors in our program were registered to vote.

· My children attend the Orange County Schools. I’ve been an active volunteer in that district, including co-chairing the district’s committee to close the achievement gap.

· I’m a founding board member of Traction, a non-profit organization of over 1200 left-leaning 20- and 30-somethings who are spicing up progressive activism.

· I’m a blogger, often writing about political issues on BlueNC.

· My family includes my wife Jen, a public school teacher, and our three children. You can view our four year-old Mason’s joke about Barack Obama on YouTube.

I would be honored to represent the 4th District of North Carolina at the National Convention as we nominate Barack Obama to become the President of the United States.

Graig Meyer
(Send me a private message on Blue NC if you want to contact me. I don't want to put personal contact information on the web.)

4th District Convention

I look forward to meeting you at the 4th district convention on Saturday!

13th District has 57 people attempting to be national

delegates. I am one of them. I think about 8-10 people wanted to be delegates in 2004. So ya think Dems have a bonfire burning in our collective belly this year?? :)

I'll have cards to pass out, and I hope to get some emails out tomorrow.

I noticed in 2004 that some of the folks seeking delegate slots only showed up in 2004, haven't seen them since. They were "leaders" from Raleigh who seemed to have a sense of entitlement about them.

Please consider those candidates who have been showing up for the last three years and otherwise working towards improving local party organization and impact.

Person County Democrats

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Good Luck!

Wouldn't it be awesome for a whole lot of BlueNCer's to be out there? Betsy would be reporting it, and "all of y'all" on the floor? Damn - there'd better be pictures. Someone better take Frank with them.

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Oh man, that would be awesome. We could have the

BlueNC Blogger's Bash West at our suites at Motel 6.

Competition looks to be pretty fierce for the delegate slots. I've gotten 4-5 emails, a phone call or two and a post card already. I expect more over the next couple of days.

The Graham courthouse will never be the same.

Person County Democrats

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Hey Linda, ya need a ride?

what time are you leaving?

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Progressive Discussions

Look for me

I've got a family thing Saturday, but I've already warned them I may go to the convention. But I'm real bad at recognizing people, so be ready to throw something at me to get my attention. :)

Still kind of iffy

I'm thinking about a total communication blackout (cell & pager turned off, housephone ignored) to avoid family pressure re cookout attendence/potato chip supplier detail. This may also help me to evade the paparazzi if I do go to Asheboro. :)

I'm going to the 9th

as a delegate. It's at one of our newer high schools, but I doubt it has wifi. So....no live blogging the convention. :D

Two years ago at the state convention I was the only blogger there and had press credentials and everything. I wonder how many bloggers will be there this year?

[edit]....well, dangit, you had to be there to know the press credential thing is funny. Rob Christensen and I were the only "press" there. It was the first time I met Robert in person.

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That was a fun convention.

That was not only the first time I met you, but I got to speak with a number of elected officials. Larry Kissell as well!

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Candidate for Clinton delegate in NC-8

I'm going to order some Hillary stickers tonight. I have some postcards arriving on Friday. After "harassing" the Powers That Be, I found out that it seems that I'll only be competing against two other men (with the gender quota...). Of course, that's no guarantee for victory!

I'm just hoping my continued dedication to Sen. Clinton, my involvement at the state and local Democratic level, and my personal background (to include young age!) help me stand out. My good friend is campaigning to be an Obama delegate, but I know that'll be very tough competition there (I believe 32 people are competing in that, with two female spots, one actual, one alternative, available).

I really hope we make it at the district level. I've heard some rumors that the state delegate selection is "stacked." But that may not be true, just what's reached my little ears...

Anyway, any Eighth District-ers out there, let me know! Good luck to everyone campaigning!

8th district here

I'll be the guy giving Obama stuff to everyone.

9th district

Going to the 9th district convention. Running for an Obama delegate position.

I am headed out to Denver even if I don't get picked. Going to do some work with the national Progressive Dems of America.

My handout:

Elected Official and Chair of the Board – Mecklenburg County Soil and Water
Conservation Board
Candidate for Mecklenburg County Democratic Party Treasurer (vote on 5/28)
Precinct 235 – Chair
Member - State Senate District 35 Committee
Member - North Carolina Democratic Party State Executive Committee
Member and Chair – 9th Congressional District Progressive Democrats of America
Member - Mecklenburg County Historic Landmarks Commission
Projects Committee Chair, Member Executive Committee
Board Member - Democracy North Carolina
Board Member - School of the Americas Watch
Board Member – FairVote NC
Member – National Association Of Conservation Districts Community
Conservation Committee
Member – North Carolina Association of Conservation Districts Community
Conservation Committee
Member – North Carolina Association of Conservation Districts Legislative Committee
Steering Committee Member – South Central NC Resource Conservation and
Development District
Chief – Copper Caribou Indian Princess Tribe (y-guides)
Member – St. Martin’s Episcopal Church
Former Board Member – League of Women Voters Charlotte/Mecklenburg
Former Member – Mint Hill Zoning Board of Adjustments
Other Groups Active In:
Mecklenburg Voter Engagement Coalition
Helping Empower Local People (HELP)
Idlewild Elementary School PTA
Habitat and Wildlife Keepers
Habitat for Humanity
Volunteer with many campaigns

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Not running for Delegate at the 12th District Convention

However, I'm going to be there and would be happy to hear your pitch.

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