More on '08 Governor is focusing on a race between Republican U.S. Rep. Sue Myrick and our Democratic Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue. However, neither one of the candidates has oficially declared yet.

This would indeed be an interesting race. And quite possible since, as the article notes:

cent polls show Myrick and Perdue have the most name recognition in their respective parties among a field of potential candidates for governor


It is interesting that Perdue has the name recognition since we have already noted there are at least two other Democratic cabinet members that are considering runs before.

We already know that James is a Perdue man. I am coming out now for Cooper if he runs. Where is Lance?

One negative from the article before I go:

"The southeastern part of the country has fewer women serving in public office than any other region in the country," McLennan said. "So, we've had fewer women put into a position where they would be well-enough known to run for office."



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