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Chilly morning, but it will pass.

• Chris notes the recent political rumblings about the Golden Leaf Fund;
• The Governor gets sued over open records
• The (Voter) Surge is working! WSJ looks at the jump in young people registering in NC.
Another reminder to privatize politicians who talk about how great privatizing is.
• Greenlighting discrimination: state personnel manual changed online
Obama in Greenville on Thursday.
Good Golly, can Bob Johnson complain about stuff or what?


John McCain and the Economy

When it comes to the economy, John McCain is out of touch with the challenges facing America's families. Instead of offering solutions, McCain offers a third Bush term of reckless fiscal policies that are hurting our country and would put us further into debt.

  • Today, John McCain gave what his campaign billed as a major economic policy speech. But all we heard were the same out-of-touch ideas that got our economy in the trouble it is today.
  • And though McCain has talked about fiscal discipline on the campaign trail, his budget-busting policies would put us further into debt. In fact, McCain's top economic advisor told the New York Times yesterday that deficits don't matter when McCain himself said in 2003 that deficits were bad because they "limit economic expansion."
  • That may explain why McCain isn't concerned that his plan to keep our troops in Iraq for 100 years-a war that is now costing taxpayers $12 billion a month-and his promise to make Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy permanent together would add $6.3 trillion to the deficit.
  • Instead, McCain's plan for cutting government spending includes cutting earmarks, a plan that would pay for six weeks in Iraq, and freezing non-military and veterans discretionary spending, which would pay for just over a month in Iraq.
  • And his proposals to increase the cost of prescription drugs for Medicare Part D participants would barely put a dent in the deficit.
  • Once again McCain is making it clear that he'll say anything to win-while he claimed he's never asked for or received earmarks, the truth is McCain has sought funding for pet projects in his home state of Arizona on a number of occasions.
  • It's no wonder McCain himself says he doesn't understand economics-his math just doesn't add up.

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McCain - The Third Bush Term