Want a Sneak Preview of Wayne Goodwin's Campaign Ad for Insurance Commissioner?

Want a Sneak Preview of Wayne Goodwin's Campaign Ad for Insurance Commissioner?

Then all you have to do is visit my website, www.waynegoodwin.org and click on the link that says "Watch Wayne's New TV Ad!"

Afterward, let me know what you think about it.

And while you're there on the campaign website, be sure to read why I believe I'm your best choice for Insurance Commissioner in 2008 and how broad and deep my support is around the State.

My endorsements include Insurance Commissioner Jim Long, the NC Association of Educators (NCAE), NC State AFL-CIO, the Black Political Caucus of Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Durham mayor Bill Bell, leaders of the NC State Firemen's Association and NC Rescue and EMS Association, Hoke County Firefighters, the Richmond County Daily Journal, NC Academy of Trial Lawyers, and countless legislators, local officials, firefighters, first responders, small business owners, etc. ... And then there are the 500+ individuals who have already donated small-dollar contributions of $10 or more as part of my decision to be a publicly-financed candidate! (I need just a handful more to cross the threshold, so BlueNC'ers I need your help ...)

If you're interested in how you can further help me become our next Insurance Commissioner of North Carolina, then please email me at gwaynegoodwin@gmail.com.

Meanwhile, your contribution of between $10 and $200 will help ensure that my TV ad runs as much as possible on TV across the State and that I qualify for public funding for the General Election. If you'd like to help with this specific task, then send your personal check or money order to The Goodwin Committee, P.O. Box 1654, Hamlet NC 28345 TODAY. Put "TV ad" on the memo section of your check.

And above all else, remember that I ask for your vote and for your support in the 2008 Democratic primary election.

Thank you!

- Wayne


Very solid, Wayne.

The path of destruction created by Bush incompetence will be with us for decades, and it's a smart move to remind voters that we have to do better.

Nice work.


PS Consider doing one more commercial that is nothing more than a close up of Commissioner Long saying that he's retiring after X years ... and that you're the right person to step into his shoes. (I know you're not fond of saying those shoes can be filled, but it's okay if he does.)