Dumb and dumber


John Hood is back from vacation, but the rest didn't do much good. Today he's decided that the world of public education can't survive with his brilliant insights. At least in this particular case, he acknowledges that his opinions are uninformed and biased.

RALEIGH – Just about everyone has an opinion about how to improve education, and it’s usually an opinion passionately held and forcefully argued. Schools are the single-largest expenditure of state taxpayers’ funds. Educational mediocrity is the common denominator of many other social maladies. Most folks have spouses, siblings, parents, or other family members in the teaching profession. And everyone has been a student.

Of course, John couldn't close his column without taking a cheap shot at the UNC School of Education. He must have gotten new orders from Art 'the Puppetmaster' Pope to resume giving UNC a hard time. You see, Pope got his feelings hurt when the UNC faculty told him to keep his $5 million bribe. (Pope wanted to create a new curriculum extolling the virtues of rich white guys throughout history. The faculty, understandably, ojbected.)

Welcome back John.



When talking about the JLF and education Art Pope needs to share credit with board member Robert Luddy.

Luddy has contributed to Vernon Robinson's campaign and also to Robinson's foundation that provides scholarships for private schools. Luddy and Pope both support the Adam Smith Club, at Campbell University. The club has adopted Robinson's foundation as a public service project.

Luddy is founder of both a charter school and a private high school in Wake County which he references in his criticisms of public education. Luddy contributes to local races in Wake County and has been generous to the campaigns of local Republicans Paul Stam, Sam Ellis, Russell Capps, Nelson Dollar, Fred Smith and to Robin Hayes. Luddy and John Hood were lone dissenting members of a recent Wake County committee report addressing solutions to school growth.