Why Tech Ed for Politicians is CRITICAL

An interesting conversation has insued over at Net Neutrality: We're Screwed, written by The Southern Dem. Its about the remarks of Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) concerning Net Neutrality and technology in general. He is so confused and misinformed its scary. Listen to the MP3.

I would like to offer my consulting services to ANY politician about technology. Just send me an email and I'll respond. I'll talk to you on the phone, come to your office. call you when ever you like, and speak to your staff too. I'm patient, polite, and won't talk down to you. Why do I want to do this? Because we need INFORMED representatives in the 21st century.

This plea isn't because we like know-it-alls in office. Its because it is dangerous NOT to know some basics about computer networking, hardware, and software. The successful creation of new laws demands it.

Via: Graigblog, Wired